Saturday, April 10, 2010


If you saw this last night and wondered why there was no post with it, sorry I just couldn't drag up the effort to sit and type anything, so I published it directly from Flickr. I didn't realise that it didn't add the description when you do that, at least I know for next time. Anyway back to the layout, after I blogged the other night I was planning on taking some more painkillers and going to bed. Well I tried the painkillers and they did less than nothing, so I ended up going to the Featured Designer Chat at Log Your Memory. This month's featured designer is Traci Reed and she was giving away a free layered template. We were also given a code good for a free one month memory logbook or $5.95 off either the full Log Book or the Weekly Challenges book. I had bought the full Log Book previously but have never gotten around to doing anything with it. I decided to pick up the April Monthly Log Book, I even got around to printing it out, I decided to print it at half size (A5) and print two per page. As soon as I can find the paper trimmer I will put it into my folder and hopefully start using it and doing the weekly challenges. This is the layout I using the free layered template from the chat and Jewel's kit Sleepy Snuggles.

Credits: Layered template (Log Your Memory Chat Freebie, Stephanie Template) by Traci Reed and Sleepy Snuggles (slightly recoloured), Little Tags Months, Edge Genius Volume 1 and Heart Genius Volume 1 all by Jewel Goodwin (Mad Genius Designs). Font is Pea Missy With A Marker by Amanda Bottom (KevinandAmanda).

Journalling reads: I don’t remember much about these photos. I know that after your bath we went downstairs to get something, I left you alone in the kitchen for a few minutes and when I came back this is what I found. You were fast asleep on the kitchen floor. I couldn't resist taking photos of you, I remember you turned over in your sleep and pulled the hood over your face. I guess either you were cold or the light was bugging you. According to my blog, I carried you upstairs asleep. I was obviously not as ill then as I am now. I also blogged that you went to the toilet and fell asleep again on the bathroom floor. You must have either had a really hard day or you were poorly with something. I only wish I could remember which one it was. I hate having bits of your stories missing.

Enabling: Sleepy Snuggles, Edge Genius Volume 1 and Heart Genius Volume 1 by Jewel Goodwin (Mad Genius Designs) available here, here and here and Missy With A Marker Font available here. Layered template was a chat freebie and Little Tags Months was a participation prize for the Project 365 challenge at Digi Scraps Drive In.

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