Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Feeling happy today

not really sure why, but I am not going to question it since I like feeling like this. Last night we were up really late (4am lol) watching WWE Extreme Rules, I think it was one of the best pay per views I have seen in a long time. Much better than Wrestlemania and we had to pay for that one, this one we got for free because it was on Sky Sports. My favourite part was watching John Cena beat Batista in a last man standing match by duct taping Batista’s legs around the ringpost. But then as a general rule any match featuring John Cena is my favourite, I think he’s yummy lol. Today I picked Lukas up from school, and we went to the shop to spend his money from the tooth fairy. He chose a power ranger style action figure, Doritos, a kit kat and a drink. Then we went to the new park for a little while. Not really much there for little kids but they had fun and I got some cute photos. Unfortunately I can’t share them today because I can’t find the cable for the phone, i’ll look for it tomorrow. Then we went to our usual park before going home. Lukas had a great time running around, Conor had fun climbing things, and Logan well he slept. He’s been very grumpy and sleepy all day, I think he may have another tooth coming through or a slight cold. Either way there’s not much wrong with him he’s still being noisy and getting into everything. I rang up the hotel about getting a room this weekend, we were intending on staying one night. But since I couldn’t get the night I wanted on our annual pass discount rate, I had a change of plans. I ended up booking two nights on our annual pass rate lol. I am really pleased that now we get to do 2 days at Chessington as well as 1 day at Thorpe Park. Lukas was so excited when I told him. He’s looking forward to swimming in the hotel pool more than anything else. Personally I am looking forward to the food lol. Whenever we go to Chessington I actually eat and enjoy food. Everything they sell there is really nice and we have quite a few options to choose between. Mark has 5 days off from when he finishes work on Wednesday, so hopefully we will manage to fit in having out time away and having fun with some major tidying and organising. Anyway I better run because Logan is whining.

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