Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hush little baby please go to sleep

Logan hasn’t really been himself today, I’m not really sure what’s wrong with him but I am guessing he has another tooth coming through. He was running a slight temperature earlier and has alternated between too hot and too cold all day long. He’s clingy and unusually quiet. When I picked Lukas up from school I had him dressed in jeans, a long sleeved top, a vest and a very thin fleece suit. While we were waiting he got a little bit too hot so I took the suit off. Lukas wanted to go to the park for a little while so since Logan didn’t have any shoes or socks on I put the suit back on. When we got home he felt warm so I stripped him down to his vest to cool down. Then he was whinging because he was cold so I dressed him in his new little England suit. He seemed to have perked up a little bit and even managed to learn a few new tricks, walking along the sofa, walking between the sofa and the table and shaking the kitchen gate. I wasn’t too worried about him as he seemed to be a lot happier and more himself. He had a little nap when Mark came in and something woke him up before he had finished. He’s been a little monster ever since. He moans for me to pick him up, he moans for me to put him down, he moans for Mark, he moans for me again. It was frustrating but I felt sorry for him, thought he must be feeling poorly. I comforted him and gave him whatever it was he was demanding at that second. It was only when he started dozing off to sleep that things changed, and he started acting like he was possessed or something all of a sudden he decided he didn’t want to sleep. He didn’t want his bottle (but he did want to squirt the milk everywhere, tip it upside down and shake it and generally do everything else except drink it). He wanted to crawl around everywhere and touch everything he was told not to touch. He wanted to shout and babble at the top of his voice, he emptied the bin out, knocked over a can of drink, unplugged my external hard drive from the laptop, touched the power cable and almost got burnt, stuck his fingers in my tiny fan and almost got cut, tried to launch himself off the bed headfirst, climbed out of the car seat, almost knocked a pot of baby food out of my hands and over my laptop and he threw absolutely everything I tried to bribe him to be quiet with. Did I mention this was from 1-30am or that Mark slept through it? It was about 4-20am when he finally decided he wanted me to rock him to sleep and now he sleeping in his car seat. I have to admit naughty is a lot better than inconsolable crying but he was being so loud. I was worried the neighbours were going to start banging on the wall and Lukas was going to be awake. What worries me is that he will decide to have a repeat performance while we are in the hotel. Looks like I spoke too soon he is crying again and wanting to be held. Better run I will try and pop back tomorrow between packing. We have to go shopping for a few bits as well.

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