Thursday, April 01, 2010

Tea Party At Georgia’s

CT work is a lot like any other kind of job, you always want to make a good first impression on your first day, or in this case on your first assignment. You want the designers to be glad they asked you to be part of their team and but more than that you don’t want them to think something along the lines of, what on earth was I thinking when I invited her? So the first ct assignment is always the hardest, especially if you are slightly paranoid and obsessive lol. You are all excited to get started and then you download and unzip the kit and you run into a problem. The kit is super cute, and you really really like it but you draw a complete blank on what to do with it. You think oh it’s ok I will think of something to use it for, and you start looking through photos. When you have gone through 10 or so folders and found no pictures that will work, you are feeling slightly less confident. By the time you have gone through 25 folders you are starting to get a little nervous. But it’s when you get to somewhere between 35 and 50 folders of photos that panic really starts to set in. I admit I did even slightly consider borrowing a tea set from Ella and staging a little photo shoot. That’s the problem when you have two boys they don’t do things like tea parties. Don’t get me wrong Lukas had a tea set and a kitchen but I never really thought to photograph it when we had it, even if I had they wouldn’t have worked for this since his kitchen was lime green and orange. I never remembered to grab my camera when him and Ella were sitting on the kitchen floor having a picnic. I never used to take many photos of the two of them playing together at all, mainly because the minute they saw me standing there they would stop playing so I just left them to it. Now they just play different sort of games, and I am so grateful that they are being quiet for a few minutes, I try and cram things I need to do into those moments instead of trying to photograph them. I was so frustrated that I turned off the computer, walked away and went to bed, because I knew anything I tried to make last night would have been a huge mess. Then I got up this morning and I remembered that I did have a few photos of Lukas and Ella playing with the Megablocks. Luckily the colours ended up being perfect. As an added bonus I ended up choosing last month’s template challenge so this layout works for the Killer Threads in March: What’s On Your Plate challenge at Digi Scraps Drive In. This one took me a while, but it’s not often I say this, I love this layout, I want to print it out for Lukas and then retype the journalling and print it our for Ella. In the Interests of full disclosure, I received the Tea Party At Georgia’s kit, glitters and cardstock for free, I bought the Everyday Moments collection before I was part of the CT and the little date element was a participation prize for the P365 challenge at Digi Scraps Drive In. Now that all of that is out of the way let’s get onto the interesting part, showing you the layout!

Credits: Layered template (February Made In The Shade Template 2) by Breanne Aullman (BTA Designs), Everyday Moments Collection by Jane Shaver (Little Red Scraps), Little Tags Months by Jewel Goodwin (Mad Genius Designs) and Tea Party At Georgia's Kit, Tea Party at Georgia's Cardstock and Tea Party At Georgia's Glitters all by Red Genius Enterprises. Font is DJB Gina E by Darcy Baldwin.

Journalling reads: When I first bought your Megablocks, Ella couldn’t seem to understand what you found so great about them. For some reason she hated sitting and building with you. Whenever she came to play and you asked to have them out, she would go off in a strop and refuse to talk to you. All of that changed when Lisa bought her the girly set. Suddenly not only did she want to play when you had them out, she would insist on bringing them whenever she came around to play. Having two sets means you both have a lot more options of things to build. They can’t get mixed up because her blocks are lime green, turquoise, pink and purple with litle plastic girls and animals. Yours are red, blue, green and yellow with monster parts and eyes. I’m still trying to find a set of just plain blocks for you both to build with!

Enabling: February Made In The Shade Template 2 by Breanne Aullman (BTA Designs)can be downloaded here, Everyday Moments Collection by Jane Shaver (Little Red Scraps) is available here, Tea Party At Georgia's Kit, Tea Party at Georgia's Cardstock and Tea Party At Georgia's Glitters by Jane Shaver and Jewel Goodwin (Red Genius Enterprises) are available here, here and here. The Little Tags Months was a participation prize for the Project 365 Challenge.

*If you would like to pick up this kit at a reduced price of $3.99 and get the cardstock included for free, you need to purchase it here at Digi Scraps Drive In before the 6th April (next Tuesday), the glitter styles are not included but they are available separately for just $1.99*

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