Sunday, August 30, 2009

This is becoming a bit of a routine

Lukas is amusing himself with some colouring sheets, Logan is sleeping beside me in his bed, Mark is at work and Nan is out, so I am sitting here getting some stuff sorted out on my computer now that I can actually see the entire top of my desk again lol. Since I have just made something to eat I am going to sit here and blog while I eat it, multitasking is fun lol. I now have 2 different to-do lists one is things that I need to do while Logan is asleep and the other is things I can do while I am holding him I find it amusing that a lot of the things are interchangeable between the lists depending on the day and how I am feeling. I suppose I really should write about Lukas’s birthday while I am here since if I leave it much longer I won’t remember any of it. On the Saturday before his birthday Mark went and picked up his birthday presents, we decided to get him some games for his DS and since they were on offer in Argos he ended up with 6 from us and 2 from Nan. She bought Wall-E and Ben 10 Alien Force and we picked up Bob The Builder Festival Fun, Postman Pat Special Delivery Service, Bolt and Herbie Rescue Rally, then he got Go Diego Go Dinosaur Rescue from Lisa. I’m a naughty mummy because when he saw them and asked if he could have one, I said yes, then we spent the whole day with him trading me one for another one. He ended up opening all of them and having a play during the day, I explained that if he had them now he wouldn’t have anything for his birthday and he was good with that, what can I say he is definitely my boy, patience is not a virtue we are blessed with both of us prefer instant gratification which I suppose is one of my biggest reasons for loving digi scrapping so much lol. We did tell him that was all we were getting him but then the day before his birthday we decided that we were going to replace his portable dvd player which hasn’t been working for a while with a new one. We reserved it and didn’t were able to reserve one to collect on his birthday, he knew nothing about it so it was going to be a complete surprise. On his birthday we got up and had some cuddles in my bed before he went and opened his cards and presents. Nan had wrapped up his games and he had a little bag from Lisa with his game and a few other bits in. He really enjoyed looking at all of his birthday cards especially the one Nan wrote out from his toy dogs lol. I think his favourite card was one Nan got him but that might have had something to do with the 7 pounds coins she had stuck inside it lol. Then he had his usual strawberry milkshake and sat and played with his new games while I had a bath and got ready for my hospital appointment. I decided that we needed to pay a quick visit to Cowley Centre first so I could buy him a birthday badge to wear. He got 2 badge in the end I think because we couldn’t decide on one. We did end up picking up a few other things while we were there including some more styluses for his DS, a new case for his DS and a little storage container for his DS games from the Game shop. He got a mug with Best 7 Year Old In The World on it and a little trophy and a new teddy bear. He also made me buy a new teddy bear for Logan and to be honest I can’t even remember what else we bought lol. Then he decided that he wanted an iced bun, why I have no idea since he doesn’t even like icing but since it was his birthday we walked all the way down to the bakery to buy him one. We also bought him one of his favourite sausage rolls and some stuff for me and Mark to eat. While we were in there I spotted an iced bun with cream in the centre that strangely looked very appealing to me, it’s strange because I can’t stand icing at all. I guess it’s another example of pregnancy making me weird because I sent Mark back for another one and Lukas decided that while he was going he had a request as well. He wanted a pack of rolls, I told him they would be dry and they wouldn’t have fillings and he said “good, I want them naked”. I couldn’t help but laugh at him but he seemed to enjoy sitting on the bench eating his naked rolls lol. We were running a little late by then and had to rush to catch the bus. We ended up getting stuck in the road works in the city centre but we were still only 5 minutes late for my appointment. When we got there we handed in my notes and settled down for a long wait. Lukas was happy to play his DS and play with his new teddy. They called me for the usual urine sample, blood pressure check etc. They needed to send the sample off again not really surprising since I hadn’t started taking the antibiotics for the infection we already knew I had. Then we went in for the scan my consultant wasn’t in that day so one of the other doctors did it. She was concerned that the baby still wasn’t growing and that there were reduced levels of amniotic fluid. Since the baby hadn’t been moving as much she wanted me to go and have a CTG test while she went to see about moving up the induction. It took a while for them to get the CTG started as Logan didn’t feel like cooperating and they struggled to find his heartbeat. While I laid on the bed having that done Lukas had a great time drawing and colouring he was being such a little angel. I couldn’t help but feel sad this was how he was spending his birthday but he honestly didn’t seem to care. In the middle of the CTG the doctor came and told us that she had arranged for the induction to be moved up a week to Thursday. When the CTG was finally done, we just had to wait for them to take some bloods and give us all of the induction information. We were starting to get a little worried we wouldn’t make it to the store to pick up his dvd player before they closed, it also meant we were not going to be able to pick up his birthday cake. So we decided that we would go all the way down to Botley road and get one there so we could pay a quick visit to Toys R Us at the same time and then go to McDonalds for a Happy Meal. Lukas had no clue where we were going so he was all excited. When we went in Argos I kept Lukas busy while Mark went and paid for the dvd player. Lukas wanted to see what was in the bag but we made him wait until we got to McDonalds. We sat at the table and sorted out all of the bags of shopping so they were easier to carry while Mark ordered the food. I had to send mine back because they added tomatoes to it but they were really nice about redoing it. Lukas really enjoyed it and said it had been a great birthday then we shared an ice cream before heading home. You already know about what happened on the bus on the way home so I think as far as Lukas’s birthday goes that’s everything. Once we got home he got undressed and watched a dvd on his new dvd player and then went to sleep. He says it was a great birthday and when I asked him why he thinks that he said “because you and daddy were there to celebrate with me” how sweet is that. Anyway this post has taken a lot longer to write than I expected it too because I have had to stop so many times. First I had to make Lukas dinner then Logan wanted feeding, then Logan wanted changing, then we went to the shop to get electric for Nan we followed that up with a trip to the park and since then I have pretty much just been trying to get stuff done in between Logan screaming to be held, Logan screaming to be fed, Logan screaming because I am changing him or Logan screaming for some other reason. Lukas is very chatty today as well, so Mark has just got in I am tired out, have a headache and I am bleeding pretty heavy again so I am off to bed. Tomorrow we are off to Bicester village on the train to look for school shoes for Lukas, to be perfectly honest its a practice run for Monday when we are off to Chessington. This is the first time we have really gone anywhere with Logan that requires some planning, like how much milk to pack and how easy it is on public transport with the carseat. Wish me luck I am sure we are going to need it!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I missed this

Lukas is downstairs playing and Logan is sleeping next to me, Nan is cooking something in the kitchen and Mark is at work. Since I am too stiff to do much of anything at the moment I am taking advantage of using the keyboard to loosen up my hands and fingers a little and getting some computer stuff done, while I listen to some music on Itunes. The first night Logan came home I insisted on his bed being at the bottom of ours, I slept the opposite end to where I normally sleep and spent a very uncomfortable night mostly watching him sleep and prodding him to make sure he was ok lol. Then I decided that being the usual end of the bed wouldn’t hurt him, he’s got a great pair of lungs on him there’s no doubt we would hear him cry if he needed anything, but we left his bed at the bottom of ours. The 3rd night he was home was when I was really feeling ill and Mark offered to get up with him so I could sleep, I took a couple of painkillers and managed to get a few hours sleep. Pretty much since then we have shared the night shift with him, either I stay awake to feed him the 1:30am feed and then Mark does his 3/3:30am feed and goes down and gets his 7/7:30am feed for me to feed him, or I go to bed and Mark does the 1:30am feed and I get up for the 3:30am one. Well the problems with him being at the bottom of our bed are that it meant we had to move my desk chair for it to fit in which made using the computer hard, getting stuff out of the cupboard impossible and gave us even less floor space then we had before. It also meant that every time Lukas climbed onto our bed he was using Logan’s bed for support which is not something I want him to do at all. Yesterday we decided to move Logan’s bed back to the space it was supposed to go in and put the chair back at the desk, it’s nice to be able to use the desk properly again, or it will be once I get it back to looking the way it’s supposed to look. Since I wasn’t using it a lot of things have made it into their temporary home and right now it’s a bit of a disaster zone. I suppose while I am here I may as well give you some quick updates on the boys. The health visitor came for her 2nd visit yesterday and weighed Logan, he’s gained 1lb in a week he was 4lb 15oz and now he’s 5lb 15oz. He’s drinking somewhere between 8-12 bottles a day so he’s keeping me plenty busy between feeding and changing him. Logan’s a great sleeper and only wake up for his feeds overnight and then goes straight back to sleep. He’s catching on fast that crying when you put him in the swing or carseat means someone comes running to see what’s wrong and more times than not picks him up to soothe him. He’s starting to pay more attention when you chat to him and he really seems to enjoy music especially his bear. Mark seems to really be enjoying him and as soon as he walks in from work he is eager to take him for a cuddle. Lukas loves having him home and is always asking to hold him when he’s not busy fussing over him or chatting to him. He’s getting excited about going back to school next week but only because he can’t wait to show Logan to his friends. He’s not all that thrilled about his new school uniform and he hasn’t even seen the tie he has to wear yet because we can’t pick up that or his school sweatshirt until September 1st. We went out the other day (Tuesday I think) for a walk with Logan, we ended up sitting in the park for a little while. It was nice and peaceful and Lukas had a great time playing while Logan couldn’t really have cared less where we were he opted for sleeping the whole time lol. On Sunday we gave Logan his first bath which he seemed to enjoy, well apart from the getting out part that made him scream! Anyway Logan has just woke up and I think my nappy changing skills are required again, I will try and pop back later and write that post about Lukas’s Birthday. Mark will be home in about 4 hours so hopefully while he’s cuddling Logan and watching rubbish with Lukas I can get that done.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Taking a break

from talking about Logan’s Birth and what followed today, because I have something else I want to talk about. Or I suppose it would be more accurate to say someone else I want to talk about. Yesterday was his birthday and if he had still been here there’s no doubt that the day would have been filled with all the usual stuff 5 year olds love, cake and presents and more than likely a trip to McDonalds for a happy meal. But he’s not here and while usually I make the effort to celebrate his birthday yesterday I just couldn’t do it. Partially because I was feeling too ill to do much of anything yesterday, but mostly because this one was the hardest birthday so far. I’ve been missing him a lot lately, thinking about what he would be doing now and asking myself a lot of questions that can’t ever be answered. Some days oh ok most days I miss Leo so much it hurts and as much as I love Logan, I feel as if there’s something missing between me and him. I haven’t got a clue what that something might be so I don’t know how to fix it. I guess it doesn’t help that Logan looks so much like Leo, sometimes it’s a certain expression or way he moves it’s kind of like looking at a ghost and for a split second I want to push him away in case he’s going to hurt me the same way that Leo did, usually I just end up holding him closer to me and letting the tears flow. It’s sort of become a bit of a tradition for us to light a candle and sing Happy Birthday to Leo, only yesterday we didn’t. There was a part of me that just felt like it was wrong to sing Happy Birthday to Leo while I was holding Logan, Lukas never mentioned it so I didn’t want to bring it up in front of him incase I upset him and Mark hasn’t ever really seemed all that interested in singing to Leo, last year me and Lukas did it by ourselves in the back garden. What I didn’t tell Mark was that I still felt the need to do it, so I locked myself in the bathroom for a while and just chatted to Leo and sung Happy Birthday to him, I didn’t light a candle because I didn’t feel the need to. I often talk to him when I am in the bathroom by myself maybe because that’s where it all happened, or maybe because it’s just the only room I can lock other people out of for a few moments peace and quiet. I also sat and chatted to Logan for a while about Leo, I’m determined that even though Logan will never get to have the pleasure of knowing Leo personally he will now all about him. Leo will never ever be forgotten about in this house, every birthday and anniversary from now until the day I die will be remembered in some way, shape or form. Usually I try and make a scrapbook page about him or for him on his birthday I didn’t do that this year either, in fact I haven’t scrapped a single layout this month and that makes me a little sad too. The scrapping helps with the depression and when I don’t scrap I seem to spend more time crying and expressing my emotions in ways that are a lot less productive. I’m hoping that improves once Lukas goes back to school and I can spend a little time each day scrapping while Mark holds Logan or he’s sleeping in his little bed. I hate to admit this but I do feel a little better that both Lukas and Leo’s birthday’s didn’t really get celebrated this year, it makes them a little more equal. We will do something really special for both of them as soon as I feel a little bit better, fingers crossed before the end of the month. We are hoping to be able to take Lukas to either Chessington or Legoland this weekend, but we don’t have any definite plans yet. On Sunday night we did have a little celebration for Lukas, we bought a cake and put candles on it and then sung Happy Unbirthday to him. He had a great time blowing out the candles and eating chocolate cake. It’s the little things that make him happy. That reminds me I still haven’t wrote about Lukas’s birthday on here, I will add it to my to-do list and get it done as soon as I am sat at the computer long enough to type it up. Anyway I better run now since Logan is sleeping and Lukas is busy watching cartoons now is the perfect time to catch up on a few things before Mark gets home from work.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sorry for the delay

Fingers crossed we should get to exactly why there has been a delay with this post. When I last wrote I had gotten through Logan’s actual delivery and when we got to the hospital. You would be forgiven for thinking he’s a baby how much more can there really be to the story. But you would also be forgetting one thing, he’s one of my babies nothing is ever that simple where we are concerned lol. I am going to pick up where I left off and we will see how far I get. After they had finished stitching everything up they took Logan’s temperature and found it was a little on the low side. Even though he had been well wrapped up because he was small for dates it was a bit of a concern. The health care assistant who was looking after us was nice enough to go and find a little heat table thing for him to lay under while I went to have a shower and get cleaned up. She was also nice enough to sort out towels and some baby bath to wash with since Mark hadn’t thought to pack any. Logan got all stripped off and was in just his nappy, he looked adorable a bit like he was sunbathing. They showed me where the shower was and explained that I had to pee into a bedpan so they could measure the amount and make sure everything was working the way it should. No-one warned me exactly how much it was going to hurt! I don’t suppose still having such a severe urine infection helped much either lol. I’m sure you will get a little giggle out of the next bit, there was a stool in the shower and I was starting to feel a little shaky, since I was bleeding quite heavily I decided that it would be a good idea to sit on the stool on the sanitary towel. You may remember me saying before how quick my blood clots, well lets just say that isn’t exactly helpful when you have stitches. I turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature and then decided that the only way I was going to get cleaned up was to direct the shower at my stitches. Yes I do realise in hindsight that it was a stupid idea, and I am still very shocked I managed to resist the urge to shout or swear very loudly at my own stupidity. I don’t think it would have hurt so much if the water hadn’t decided that was a good time to suddenly get hotter. I really couldn’t tell you how I managed to finish showering and to dress myself and walk back to the room, I was shaking like crazy, feeling sick and starting to really feel dizzy. I was really glad to be able to get back on the bed to stop the room spinning a little. When I got back to the room Logan was done sunbathing and the health care assistant was busy redressing him so he could have his first food. She said the guidelines say it’s her responsibility to make sure he took 20-30mls of milk or a decent breastfeed because of his size. It was hard for me to sit and watch someone else feeding him his first feed, but I did understand why they had these rules. Since they couldn’t find any latex free teats she ended up feeding him with a syringe. He already had a great suck on him and was happily to suck on the syringe to get his milk out. I have to be honest and admit that the exact order things happened in from here is a bit of a blur (this is why I should have blogged this the day after). I know that he had some blood taken for his blood sugar to be checked and it was a little low but I can’t remember if that was before the doctors from SCBU came to check on him or after. I know they wanted to retest his blood sugar after he had been fed again and I know that the repeat test was within the usual limits. I remember that the SCBU doctor was called Claire and she checked him all over and took some blood and managed to convince us to give him vitamin K. I know that he had another feed via syringe and that another doctor came in and gave him the Vitamin K injection into his leg. We had a lot of cuddles and Mark called Nan a few times. It was kind of surreal to be sitting in delivery suite with a baby, we have never had that chance before. Eventually we were told we had to go up to level 5. I wasn’t too impressed that they made me sit in a wheelchair and be pushed upstairs. We were shown to our bed and they sorted out a cot for Logan. Then Mark went and phoned Nan again and told her which bay we were in, so she could come up with Lukas to see Logan. We were happy to just sit on the bed, take some photographs and wait for Nan to arrive and enjoy the time as a family. Then it was finally time for Lukas to meet Logan, he came in first followed by Nan,Lisa and Ella. I’ll admit that I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t just Nan and Lukas I was expecting Lisa to maybe drop them up and wait outside so Lukas would have a chance to really meet his baby brother. It seemed a little unfair that after waiting so long for him to arrive he had to share his first meeting and watch as Ella held him as well. He was fine about it though, but I suppose I can’t help being a little sad that absolutely nothing had gone as we thought it would. We went and sat in the day area and they all played pass the baby. Lisa took some photos on her camera of Lukas, Ella and Nan having cuddles. Then it was time for everyone to leave, Mark went with them because he had to pick up a few things from home for Logan. We were supposed to be staying in overnight on the ward and there were quite a few things we hadn’t packed in his bag. To be fair we were kind of expecting him to have gone straight to SCBU and although it was a nice surprise to have him with us we weren’t exactly prepared for it. After they left I spent a little time redressing Logan in some different clothes and I got to feed him his first bottle. I can’t remember exactly when they did it but Logan had his blood sugar tested again pre-feed and it was really low and then post-feed and it had gone up again. They came over and said that SCBU wanted him to go downstairs for some blood tests. At first she was just going to take him but I insisted on going as well. I was feeling a little worried especially since Mark wasn’t back. I thought he might panic if he came back and found me and Logan gone with no explanation but I didn't have any choice. Unfortunately I am going to have to leave it there for now, I will be back as soon as I get time.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Now for the gory bits

I left off last time just as Logan had been born in the back of the ambulance 2 minutes away from our house. I think I may have forgotten to mention the reason for the title of the previous post, the ambulance happened to be pulled up next to the postbox. I’m pretty sure Royal Mail would have refused to deliver our little bundle of joy though lol. Anyway after Logan was born and everyone was trying to get over the shock of his super quick delivery they were left with the problem of delivering the placenta. Almost straight after Logan was born the placenta started to be delivered, but apparently it didn’t appear to have all come out. The ambulance crew were hesitant as to whether they should try and deliver it or wait until we got to the hospital. They made a call to delivery suite for some advice and to say that the midwife they spoke to was unhelpful would be an understatement. They were told to call the community midwife and let her deal with it, they tried unsuccessfully to explain that wasn’t really an option since we were parked at the side of the road. They were then told to just leave it there, another option they were not really sure about since they were worried that the bumping from the ambulance could cause it to break apart the other option they were given before they had the phone slammed down on them was “just yank it out”. They decided to go with leaving it where it was, putting it in a sick bowl, covering it with a sheet and driving very slowly while hoping for the best. Logan was still perfectly content to lay on my chest and look around with one eye open. On the way to the hospital we had to answer all of the usual questions so they could fill out their forms, and chatting about various things. The ambulance lady who had delivered Logan was quite disappointed that he was a boy and we already had names picked out. She was kind of hoping we might want to name the baby after her since it was the first baby she had ever delivered. When we got to the hospital it had started to rain, they wrapped another blanket around me and Logan and started to wheel the bed down the ramp at the back of the ambulance. We almost had a slight accident because the bed wasn’t on the rails quite right and was very close to tipping over. There were people stood outside the entrance smoking as usual and they were all very interested to see them pushing us in with Logan. They wheeled the bed to delivery suite and a really nice health care assistant took him from me so he could be weighed and dressed. We ended up choosing a white vest, blue babygro and a little white cardigan for him from our bag and he already had on the little blue hat. While she was seeing to Logan a midwife came in to examine me. She was able to see that the placenta had come out in one piece, the reason it looked as though it hadn’t was because my blood clots really fast and had clotted around the placenta. She was able to remove it fully by separating the blood from the placenta. She did a lot of prodding and poking and said that I had a slight “graze” which she was unsure if it required stitching or not. She decided to clean everything up and then decide. They had a lot of fun trying to find sterile latex free gloves and then she poured something yellow onto a cloth to clean all the blood up. She was driving me slightly insane by continually asking if I wanted gas and air, I kept telling her no thank you and each time she just told me I was mad and then asked again. She decided that she was going to do some stitches and they had to go off and find all of the equipment that they needed for that. The whole time she was doing everything the student doctor from the ambulance had been in the room, getting an “anatomy lesson”. I felt really sorry for him because he looked like he was going to throw up everywhere. The next bit was quite amusing no-one could quite figure out how the stirrups worked on the bed, it took the midwife, Mark, the student doctor and the health care assistant to finally get them sorted. They raised the bed up and she inserted a tampon and then poured some lignocaine over it all before she started stitching. Obviously Lignocaine is another one of those drugs which doesn’t work on me because as she was stitching it all I could feel everything, let’s just say stitches hurt more than having the baby did lol. It’s a very odd kind off pain I think the only thing I can think of to compare it too is like a wasp sting, a very sharp pain followed by rapid swelling and a bruised feeling. The “slight graze” turned out to be a second degree tear and needed quite a few stitches, I am not entirely sure how many and I sort of lost track of the time but she seemed to take a really long time getting done. The poor student doctor was stood there watching it all and the ambulance crew came back in to drop off the papers and ended up staying to watch it all since they had never seen it done before. While she was stitching everything she found something that seemed to worry her and as soon as she was done stitching everything she went off to get a doctor to come and look at it. She came back with a male doctor who decided that it looked like a cyst of some kind to him, he left instructions that it was to be checked at my 6 week check and then left. It was only then that I was finally released from the stirrups and everyone left us alone for a little while. I am going to leave it there for tonight as I really need to get to bed, that’s pretty much all of Logan’s entrance to the world, but there’s still quite a bit more to his birth story that will have to wait for another day, hopefully it won’t take me a week to get back and write the next bit for you.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Special delivery service

Sorry we obviously have way too much Postman Pat on the television lol. But as I am sure you have guessed by the title, our little guy has finally made his arrival and he seemed determined to upstage both of his big brothers in terms of a dramatic entrance. But I suppose it would make a little more sense if I filled in a bit of the background first wouldn’t it. 2 weeks ago (that would be the 27th August) they decided to schedule an induction for 38 weeks (13th August), we had to go back again the next week on Lukas’s birthday (3rd August). I never bothered to write about the appointment because honestly I was a bit fed up after it especially since I was going to be spending Lukas’s birthday up there as well. On Lukas’s birthday we went back to the hospital and they decided to move the induction up a week to the 6th August because the baby was very small for dates. There’s a lot of other stuff to fill in between including Lukas’s birthday but that can all wait for another post. On Monday night we were getting the bus home and I got thrown backwards into the seat. I never caught my stomach yet the whole way home it was hurting across my stomach and into my back. I slept badly because it was hurting all night long, and when I got up it was still hurting. I think it was the combination of the usual pain and this new one that made sleep so hard. The new pain was more like a dull ache across the bottom of my stomach than anything worth bothering about, kind of like when you have a bruise you know it’s there but it’s not really too much to fuss over. The pain wasn’t really getting worse it was just always there being slightly annoying. I had a few pains that were different not really worse just slightly more sharp and decided to have a bath to see if it helped. After the bath we decided that it would be a good idea to go up to the hospital and get checked out. Nan was at Lisa’s looking after Conor and Ella because Lisa had a doctors appointment, so we packed the bag with stuff for Lukas to do and were intending on taking him with us. It was only then that the pain started to feel like something other than cramp. It still wasn’t anything like contractions it was just a sharper more persistent pain every so often no regularity. I told Mark that he should call Nan and see if she would be home soon so that Lukas could stay with her instead of coming with us. When he called her Lisa was still out at the doctors, we told her it was fine and we would wait for her to get back. We were intending on calling a taxi to go to the hospital to get checked out. After he called her the pain got worse and I did start having something like contractions the pain was lasting about 1 minute at a time every 15-20 minutes, my biggest issue was that I was feeling so hot. I was getting a little short tempered because I was feeling so flushed and was starting to sweat a lot. I had 2/3 of those and asked him to call Nan back and see how long she was going to be because the pain was getting worse. It was then we started considering that it might be a better idea to call an ambulance. It was about 10 minutes maybe 15 between Mark calling Nan for the second time and the pain going from that to constant. I told him that he had to call an ambulance and that if it came to it I would go on my own and he could stay with Lukas until Nan got back. Nan walked in as he was on the phone to the ambulance. By this point I was barely able to talk because of the pain, absolutely dripping with sweat and when Nan walked in I was leant over the freezer, she thinks it was because of the pain, I was actually trying to lay against the metal to cool down lol. Lisa walked in behind her with both the kids. Nan was fussing and Lisa said something about being glad it wasn’t her, I wasn’t exactly paying attention. Just as the ambulance arrived I lost a little bit of fluid, and managed to soak the pad and knickers I was wearing. I didn’t know until later that Lisa was walking over to try and rub my shoulder and be reassuring and she got splashed by it, I really don’t think I would have cared at the time but it made me giggle when she told me. I do think she should consider herself lucky that I had already had those previous leakages with water I told you about, if it had been like when they went with Lukas she would have had very wet clothes and probably had to throw her shoes away lol. The ambulance crew came in with a male student doctor, they were a little bit annoyed as they couldn’t understand why they hadn’t been called earlier no-one seemed to be able to grasp how quickly everything had happened. I had to take off the knickers and lay on the kitchen floor because they refused to transport us to the hospital if the baby was on the way, saying it wasn’t safe to have it while the ambulance was moving. When she checked she couldn’t see anything visible and they decided that they were willing to risk going to the hospital. I walked out to the ambulance, climbed up the 2 steps and got into the back with one of the crew, the student doctor was in the back too and Mark was in the front with the ambulance driver. I laid on the bed, they did up the seatbelts and we literally just pulled out of the street when I told her I needed to push. She shouted through for the driver to pull over and before she had even stopped fully he had come out in one push. The ambulance lady in the back seemed almost stunned she had barely even got out of the seat in time to catch him. Mark missed the whole thing which was a first for us, but it was all just over so quickly. The baby let out a piercing scream that was a lot louder than Leo had been and before I knew what was happening she had him in her hands and I got to catch my first glimpse of him. He was absolutely filthy all bloody and covered in white slime and vernix, but he was a great colour and was breathing fine all by himself. The ambulance driver had run around from the front and joined us with Mark just after he was born and they opened up a maternity pack and wrapped him up and handed him to me. My dress was covered in blood and god knows what else but the minute I laid my hands on him he stopped crying and just looked at me with this look of what the hell is going on here across his face. They asked Mark if he wanted to cut the cord which we haven’t ever had the chance to do before, they clamped it all and he cut it. This was all by the side of the road less than a minute away from our house. The pulled one of his little hats out of the bag for him to wear and he was perfectly content and happy laying on me wrapped up nice and warm. It was all so different from the other two. The student doctor went and got in the front with the driver and Mark was able to stay in the back with us. It was cute how the baby was looking at him with one eye half while the other was shut. He told me later that it bought tears to his eyes when he heard the baby cry. His birth story is far from over but I have stuff to do so I am just going to leave you with his birth announcement card.

Credits: Announced In Style by Royanna Lea Fritschmann. Fonts are Orator Std and Bickham Script Pro.

Enabling: You can pick up the announcement I used as a fully customisable layered template and papers set here at Divine Digital, I went for different font choices and unfortunately the gorgeous little guy is not included as he's all mine lol.