Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I missed this

Lukas is downstairs playing and Logan is sleeping next to me, Nan is cooking something in the kitchen and Mark is at work. Since I am too stiff to do much of anything at the moment I am taking advantage of using the keyboard to loosen up my hands and fingers a little and getting some computer stuff done, while I listen to some music on Itunes. The first night Logan came home I insisted on his bed being at the bottom of ours, I slept the opposite end to where I normally sleep and spent a very uncomfortable night mostly watching him sleep and prodding him to make sure he was ok lol. Then I decided that being the usual end of the bed wouldn’t hurt him, he’s got a great pair of lungs on him there’s no doubt we would hear him cry if he needed anything, but we left his bed at the bottom of ours. The 3rd night he was home was when I was really feeling ill and Mark offered to get up with him so I could sleep, I took a couple of painkillers and managed to get a few hours sleep. Pretty much since then we have shared the night shift with him, either I stay awake to feed him the 1:30am feed and then Mark does his 3/3:30am feed and goes down and gets his 7/7:30am feed for me to feed him, or I go to bed and Mark does the 1:30am feed and I get up for the 3:30am one. Well the problems with him being at the bottom of our bed are that it meant we had to move my desk chair for it to fit in which made using the computer hard, getting stuff out of the cupboard impossible and gave us even less floor space then we had before. It also meant that every time Lukas climbed onto our bed he was using Logan’s bed for support which is not something I want him to do at all. Yesterday we decided to move Logan’s bed back to the space it was supposed to go in and put the chair back at the desk, it’s nice to be able to use the desk properly again, or it will be once I get it back to looking the way it’s supposed to look. Since I wasn’t using it a lot of things have made it into their temporary home and right now it’s a bit of a disaster zone. I suppose while I am here I may as well give you some quick updates on the boys. The health visitor came for her 2nd visit yesterday and weighed Logan, he’s gained 1lb in a week he was 4lb 15oz and now he’s 5lb 15oz. He’s drinking somewhere between 8-12 bottles a day so he’s keeping me plenty busy between feeding and changing him. Logan’s a great sleeper and only wake up for his feeds overnight and then goes straight back to sleep. He’s catching on fast that crying when you put him in the swing or carseat means someone comes running to see what’s wrong and more times than not picks him up to soothe him. He’s starting to pay more attention when you chat to him and he really seems to enjoy music especially his bear. Mark seems to really be enjoying him and as soon as he walks in from work he is eager to take him for a cuddle. Lukas loves having him home and is always asking to hold him when he’s not busy fussing over him or chatting to him. He’s getting excited about going back to school next week but only because he can’t wait to show Logan to his friends. He’s not all that thrilled about his new school uniform and he hasn’t even seen the tie he has to wear yet because we can’t pick up that or his school sweatshirt until September 1st. We went out the other day (Tuesday I think) for a walk with Logan, we ended up sitting in the park for a little while. It was nice and peaceful and Lukas had a great time playing while Logan couldn’t really have cared less where we were he opted for sleeping the whole time lol. On Sunday we gave Logan his first bath which he seemed to enjoy, well apart from the getting out part that made him scream! Anyway Logan has just woke up and I think my nappy changing skills are required again, I will try and pop back later and write that post about Lukas’s Birthday. Mark will be home in about 4 hours so hopefully while he’s cuddling Logan and watching rubbish with Lukas I can get that done.

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