Thursday, August 06, 2009

Special delivery service

Sorry we obviously have way too much Postman Pat on the television lol. But as I am sure you have guessed by the title, our little guy has finally made his arrival and he seemed determined to upstage both of his big brothers in terms of a dramatic entrance. But I suppose it would make a little more sense if I filled in a bit of the background first wouldn’t it. 2 weeks ago (that would be the 27th August) they decided to schedule an induction for 38 weeks (13th August), we had to go back again the next week on Lukas’s birthday (3rd August). I never bothered to write about the appointment because honestly I was a bit fed up after it especially since I was going to be spending Lukas’s birthday up there as well. On Lukas’s birthday we went back to the hospital and they decided to move the induction up a week to the 6th August because the baby was very small for dates. There’s a lot of other stuff to fill in between including Lukas’s birthday but that can all wait for another post. On Monday night we were getting the bus home and I got thrown backwards into the seat. I never caught my stomach yet the whole way home it was hurting across my stomach and into my back. I slept badly because it was hurting all night long, and when I got up it was still hurting. I think it was the combination of the usual pain and this new one that made sleep so hard. The new pain was more like a dull ache across the bottom of my stomach than anything worth bothering about, kind of like when you have a bruise you know it’s there but it’s not really too much to fuss over. The pain wasn’t really getting worse it was just always there being slightly annoying. I had a few pains that were different not really worse just slightly more sharp and decided to have a bath to see if it helped. After the bath we decided that it would be a good idea to go up to the hospital and get checked out. Nan was at Lisa’s looking after Conor and Ella because Lisa had a doctors appointment, so we packed the bag with stuff for Lukas to do and were intending on taking him with us. It was only then that the pain started to feel like something other than cramp. It still wasn’t anything like contractions it was just a sharper more persistent pain every so often no regularity. I told Mark that he should call Nan and see if she would be home soon so that Lukas could stay with her instead of coming with us. When he called her Lisa was still out at the doctors, we told her it was fine and we would wait for her to get back. We were intending on calling a taxi to go to the hospital to get checked out. After he called her the pain got worse and I did start having something like contractions the pain was lasting about 1 minute at a time every 15-20 minutes, my biggest issue was that I was feeling so hot. I was getting a little short tempered because I was feeling so flushed and was starting to sweat a lot. I had 2/3 of those and asked him to call Nan back and see how long she was going to be because the pain was getting worse. It was then we started considering that it might be a better idea to call an ambulance. It was about 10 minutes maybe 15 between Mark calling Nan for the second time and the pain going from that to constant. I told him that he had to call an ambulance and that if it came to it I would go on my own and he could stay with Lukas until Nan got back. Nan walked in as he was on the phone to the ambulance. By this point I was barely able to talk because of the pain, absolutely dripping with sweat and when Nan walked in I was leant over the freezer, she thinks it was because of the pain, I was actually trying to lay against the metal to cool down lol. Lisa walked in behind her with both the kids. Nan was fussing and Lisa said something about being glad it wasn’t her, I wasn’t exactly paying attention. Just as the ambulance arrived I lost a little bit of fluid, and managed to soak the pad and knickers I was wearing. I didn’t know until later that Lisa was walking over to try and rub my shoulder and be reassuring and she got splashed by it, I really don’t think I would have cared at the time but it made me giggle when she told me. I do think she should consider herself lucky that I had already had those previous leakages with water I told you about, if it had been like when they went with Lukas she would have had very wet clothes and probably had to throw her shoes away lol. The ambulance crew came in with a male student doctor, they were a little bit annoyed as they couldn’t understand why they hadn’t been called earlier no-one seemed to be able to grasp how quickly everything had happened. I had to take off the knickers and lay on the kitchen floor because they refused to transport us to the hospital if the baby was on the way, saying it wasn’t safe to have it while the ambulance was moving. When she checked she couldn’t see anything visible and they decided that they were willing to risk going to the hospital. I walked out to the ambulance, climbed up the 2 steps and got into the back with one of the crew, the student doctor was in the back too and Mark was in the front with the ambulance driver. I laid on the bed, they did up the seatbelts and we literally just pulled out of the street when I told her I needed to push. She shouted through for the driver to pull over and before she had even stopped fully he had come out in one push. The ambulance lady in the back seemed almost stunned she had barely even got out of the seat in time to catch him. Mark missed the whole thing which was a first for us, but it was all just over so quickly. The baby let out a piercing scream that was a lot louder than Leo had been and before I knew what was happening she had him in her hands and I got to catch my first glimpse of him. He was absolutely filthy all bloody and covered in white slime and vernix, but he was a great colour and was breathing fine all by himself. The ambulance driver had run around from the front and joined us with Mark just after he was born and they opened up a maternity pack and wrapped him up and handed him to me. My dress was covered in blood and god knows what else but the minute I laid my hands on him he stopped crying and just looked at me with this look of what the hell is going on here across his face. They asked Mark if he wanted to cut the cord which we haven’t ever had the chance to do before, they clamped it all and he cut it. This was all by the side of the road less than a minute away from our house. The pulled one of his little hats out of the bag for him to wear and he was perfectly content and happy laying on me wrapped up nice and warm. It was all so different from the other two. The student doctor went and got in the front with the driver and Mark was able to stay in the back with us. It was cute how the baby was looking at him with one eye half while the other was shut. He told me later that it bought tears to his eyes when he heard the baby cry. His birth story is far from over but I have stuff to do so I am just going to leave you with his birth announcement card.

Credits: Announced In Style by Royanna Lea Fritschmann. Fonts are Orator Std and Bickham Script Pro.

Enabling: You can pick up the announcement I used as a fully customisable layered template and papers set here at Divine Digital, I went for different font choices and unfortunately the gorgeous little guy is not included as he's all mine lol.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Crystal i never knew you had been so blessed with another baby!! I am so so chuffed for you and mark!!
more photos of logan now.........!!! ;)
hope all is well with you guys