Sunday, April 25, 2010

Men should never ever be allowed to touch technology!

Yesterday I asked Mark to please reinstall my desktop. I have been asking him to do it for months but it’s gotten worse and worse. He’s lost the original set of installation disks to reinstall it but he told me if I got a copy of Windows XP it would install with one of our codes, we have a few because we have had quite a few computers break. After being awake again all night I was tired and fed up so I made sure everything was backed up, then went to bed and left him to it. He woke me up as he was walking out the door to go to work, and tells me he couldn’t do it. I was still half asleep so I stupidly assumed he meant I was still stuck with the same problems I have had for months. It was only when I went to use it that I realised I no longer had a desktop that didn’t work properly, now it doesn’t work at all! Apparently there is some compatibility issue between the version of windows had and the version of windows he tried to install, even though they are both XP. I can’t explain any better than that because I don’t understand programming and operating systems. But apparently we can fix it by obtaining a replacement set of original disks from Dell who were closed for the weekend. So I am stuck with the laptop which has issues of it’s own, mainly that it frequently overheats and turns itself off. It’s still under warranty so I can send it back to be repaired, I have been delaying doing it because the desktop wasn’t working right and I didn’t want to be without anything to use. So I am very frustrated and fed up, I do still have the photos taken with my phone on the laptop, and I have some stuff including my CT kits on the laptop so I can scrap, if the laptop stays on long enough. Anyway I better go in an effort to help it stop overheating I have the laptop raised up on a box and it’s killing my shoulder to type on it.

*Day 6 of the daily download at DSDI is available here*

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