Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Legoland After Dark Ben 10 Alien Force

This was the post I wanted to write yesterday and the day before but felt too ill to do. Honestly I don’t feel better today, but if I don’t write it today it won’t get written because I will forget the details lol. The day started off badly because of everyone going back to sleep. By the time they finally got up we were running really behind. Nothing was ready to go and everything seemed to take forever. We decided that it would be nice to go and have lunch at Eamayl on the way to the train station. The food is always yummy and it’s a lot cheaper than the rubbish they sell at Legoland. We had a really nice time, Lukas was quite well behaved. He had some rice, chips and prawn crackers which are usually the only things he is willing to try. He tasted the chicken balls but didn’t like them as much as the ones from our local takeaway. But he did surprise us by eating the chicken satay I put on his plate and then asking for more. He tried it when we went to Oxy Oriental but although his liked it what I gave him was enough. It’s very unlike him to not only ask for more but to eat about half a plate full of something lol. His favourite part was the ice cream he ended up having 5 of the tiny bowls 4 vanilla and 1 chocolate and 1 bowl of jelly. We were quite impressed with him. Logan tasted what the sign said was a tomato omelette, don’t think it was though as it had mushrooms in it, he really enjoyed it, he also quite liked the jelly. Coconut pudding was not a hit though he spat it out. Lukas thought it was great that there was a birthday dinner going on and everyone sung Happy Birthday when the staff bought out a cake for the lady. He’s now asking if we can go and have Chinese for his birthday. I told him we would see, since he keeps changing his mind about what he wants. It took a while to get to Legoland but for once we didn’t run into any cancellations or delays. When we got to the bottom of the hill on the shuttle bus, we felt a bit sick when we saw that the opening sign said “Park Closed”. We were dreading having to explain to Lukas that for some reason the park wasn’t open. We were trying not to panic the entire trip up the hill. When we got off the bus we saw that all of the turnstiles were closed and so was the ticket office. We managed to find a member of staff who told us it was fine for us to come in. When we went to collect the event leaflet from guest services, they said the park was closed because it had reached capacity. They were only accepting pre-booked tickets and Annual Pass holders. It was a huge relief to hear that Annual Pass holders were guaranteed entry. Then we saw the ride board, every ride in the park had a waiting time of 30 minutes or longer. One of the rides even said 1hr 45min. We didn’t really go for the rides but Lukas was still a bit disappointed. We wondered around hoping to do some of the Ben 10 special events around the park but they were all too busy. We couldn’t even get into the Lego building contest area. We decided to go and see the new 4D show and were turned away because the theatre had reached capacity. They advised us to come back in half and hour and see Bob the Builder, but since we have seen that one a few times we didn’t bother. Lukas wanted to have a go at laser tag but after lining up he was told they had closed for the day. They were cooking steak on a BBQ and it smelt yummy so we decided to buy a couple, but as we went to bite into them they were not only not cooked through they were tough like leather. Mark finished them off but it was annoying. We decided to try chocolate waffles on a stick, took one bite and threw it away because it was absolutely disgusting. By this point we were cold, miserable and fed up. The kids cheered up a bit when we bought them a balloon each, Logan hasn’t had one before. We also bought and released one for Leo. Lukas had fun playing in the Pirate Training Camp (what used to be The Rat Run) and Mark tried out the new ride, The Jolly Rocker (huge swinging pirate ship). He seemed to enjoy it but he was lucky it broke down just after he got off it lol. We picked up some doughnuts and hot chocolate and headed over to the area where they were holding the laser show. We were really early but it was still packed. We found somewhere to stand and watch it but by the time the show started people had barged in front of us and we couldn’t see anything. Mark managed to pick Lukas up and sit him on his back and lean against the fence so Lukas could see something. Since we hadn’t been able to see the show we stayed for the repeat. We were able to stand right at the front and honestly, that show made the day worth it. None of us have every seen anything quite like it, they used lasers and smoke and projected images off the lake to music. I was able to find a suitable setting on my camera and took lots of photos. Some of them look amazing but I am not quite sure what to do with them yet. We ran into a few problems on the way home. The first one was when we saw a group of 4 girls arguing at Slough station. It turned into a fight between two of the girls. We did inform the guard because I was worried it might get nasty but he didn’t seem very interested. The train only ran from Slough to Didcot Parkway, it was a coach between Didcot and Oxford. The coach was beautiful though, it had really comfortable seats that laid back. There were strip lights along the wall and huge luggage storage bins. The buggy fitted underneath without even being folded up. Both of the boys slept the whole way home. When we got to Oxford station there were no buses running because of how late it was. We had to walk into the city centre. We picked up a Macdonalds, and were quite surprised to see that they have a separate late night menu. Lukas was annoyed that they couldn’t do him a Happy Meal or a double cheeseburger. He ended up getting a double quarter pounder and chips, half of it ended up being his breakfast the next morning, Mark had a Big Mac and chips and I got a McChicken sandwich. Logan decided that would be a great time to have a complete meltdown. We got a taxi home because there wasn’t much difference in price between that and the night bus. By the time we finally got home it was about 1:15am, we were all exhausted and longing to go to bed. It had been a very long day for all of us. Lukas asked to watch a dvd but was asleep before it even got to through the trailers at the beginning. It was a strange day, not one of our best trips out for sure but the laser show made up for some of it. I think we will go again next year, because the Laser show was that good but we will have to get to Legoland a lot earlier so we can get some rides in.

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