Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why do I only ever seem to blog at night?

Or I suppose if I want to be technical about it, in the early hours of the morning. I think it’s mostly because it’s the only time I don’t have people demanding my attention and talking to me. I can concentrate on what I want to say and even if Logan happens to be asleep on my lap and I only have one hand I can write my blog in one sitting. Blogging is the one thing I have found that just doesn’t work for me unless I sit and get it done in one sitting. When I have the plan of finishing off a post later or going back to edit a post, it never ever gets done. But the problem I am running into is that when I come to writing the post especially when I want to share layouts, it takes a really long time and Logan’s awake before I am finished. When time is limited you have two choices either stop doing them or make things simpler. That’s why my last few layouts have been posted directly from Flickr. I can and probably will edit the posts (after I am done writing this one) to add the enabling but this way they took a few seconds to post. I decided to try it today when I realised I had 6 new layouts to share, not because I scrapped 6 layouts today but because I just hadn’t gotten around to uploading them and that’s silly. Hopefully doing it this way will help me to blog a little faster, I might even be able to find the time to write more posts about things the kids have done or said instead of trying to recap the whole week in my P365 layouts. Ideally I would love to find a way to blog while Logan is having a nap, but whether that will ever happen or not is a different matter. Tonight Logan is sleeping in the bed with Mark so I have both hands free which is very rare. I had kind of reached complete meltdown point after spending the evening cleaning up poop. Lukas has an upset stomach so he’s been in and out of the toilet since he came home from school. He still refuses to learn how to wipe his own bum so I have been trying to deal with cleaning him up and Logan has been constipated for the last few days, so yesterday I gave him plum and apple desert. It had the desired effect and then some lol. I had a list of things that needed doing today as you can imagine hardly any of them got started let alone finished. My bed is still partially covered by Lukas’s new clothes that came today as I haven’t had chance to find somewhere to put them. Most of Logan’s new clothes are away in his wardrobe but none of the other stuff is. I have to go through it and see what will fit him for a few more wears, what’s going in the charity bag or being given to someone and what if anything needs to be thrown away. It seems insane to me that Logan is now wearing 9-12 month clothes. He’s just gotten so tall all of a sudden that the 6-9 month stuff is too short for him. He can’t stretch out properly in the babygros, the other side to that being he hasn’t quite grown into the next size ones yet so when he’s trying to crawl he’s getting tangled up in it. So there have been a fair amount of bumps this evening, the worst one had nothing to do with the new clothes. Logan was crawling around our bedroom and he sneezed and head butted the floor. For a minute I was scared that I was going to see a broken nose when I picked him up, he screamed for quite a while and had a nasty red patch on his head for a while, but luckily you can’t even see that he did anything now. Anyway that’s enough rambling for tonight I think I will start a second post because I have a few things to tell you about and this post is getting kind of long.

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