Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oops so I missed 2 days of blogging

In my defence I have spent the majority of the last two days in bed, whatever it is that’s wrong this time is getting worse and I am having to resort to taking painkillers. I hate taking painkillers, because they rarely do anything except make me even more tired than normal. Anyway whatever the problem is it’s affecting my vision a lot. I have had to resize all of the fonts on my machine so I can read them a bit clearer I have had migraines for a long time and they don’t usually affect me like this. I’m hoping that everything will sort itself out soon and I can get back to feeling my usual crappy self lol. So I haven’t really felt much like blogging, but I have done a little bit of scrapping. I have one layout I can share with you now as the other ones are my P365 layouts and they are not quite finished, well some of them are but I don’t want to upload them and get them all up to date in one go and I can’t do that quite yet. Yes I am a freak sorry about that. This one I am sharing was created for the template challenge at Elemental Scraps.

Credits: Layered template (Freebie Template 44) by Chrissy W, Christmas Past by Lena Brandenburg and Tabatha Reed (Bella Gypsy) and Oopsie Doodle Borders by Suzy Iverson (Suzy Q Scraps). Fonts are Pea Megeletto and Pea Mystie Unicase both by Amanda Bottoms (KevinandAmanda).

Journalling reads: On this day I decided that it was warm enough for you to go without your coat. I dressed you in a vest, babygro, trousers, top, dungarees and your little fleece jacket and hoped you would be warm enough for just the short trip to school and back again. Then Nana asked me to go to the shop and get electric for her. Since we were running late we thought we would go after we had got Lukas. Then Lukas begged to go to the book fair. He took ages looking through books before finally he finally chose one. We went to the shop, got Nana’s electric and then Lukas decided that he wanted to go to the park. He asked so nicely that I couldn’t refuse. Whenever we go to the park, you love to go on the swings. It’s a lot more fun for you since you can sit up on your own now. As you were giggling and swinging the wind picked up. It got cold really fast and then it started to rain., You were already damp so we decided to stay. We moved on from the swings to the slide, we moved from the slide to the see-saw, back to the swings, I put you in the tunnel and that was when you decided that you have had enough. When we finally left we were all cold and damp. You were grumpy and fed up, but you cheered up a lot once I put you in the pushchair and gave you a bottle. You were asleep by the time we got home, but you were still quite cold to touch. It took quite a while for al of us to really warm up once we got home. I felt so guilty that you hadn’t had a coat on. I hated that you had gotten cold. I knew that I was a very bad mummy on that day. Hopefully I get a few points for the fact that you and Lukas had a great time at the park. You were both enjoying yourself so much I couldn’t bear to make you leave, even when my mummy instincts told me different. I learnt a lesson for the future, I should always trust the mummy radar over the weatherman and I should always keep a coat for you underneath the pushchair!

Enabling: Christmas Past by Lena Brandenburg and Tabatha Reed (Bella Gypsy) available here, Oopsie Doodle Borders by Suzy Iverson (Suzy Q Scraps) available here, Pea Megeletto font can be downloaded here, Pea Mystie Unicase font can be downloaded here and you can find all of the details for the template challenge including the link to download the template here.

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