Monday, April 06, 2009

Trying something a bit different

I decided to give blogging via Live Writer another try, when I tried to use it before I was having a lot of computer problems and just found it frustrating. I am hoping that being able to blog from here might encourage me to do it a bit more often. Takara Bean’s travel system came this morning, I have it all set up downstairs and Lukas has had a great time pushing the teddy bear around the house in it. It’s slightly heavier than I was expecting it to be, and the colours are slightly different but it’s a great pushchair I can’t wait until I have a teeny baby to put in it lol. I meant to take some photos while we were putting it together but I felt to ill to bother and I haven’t even got around to taking any photos of it set up sorry. I will try and do that tomorrow if I feel any better. I haven’t got anything done today, luckily for me Lukas was more than content to play with Mark earlier so I could get a few hours sleep after being awake all night again, and since Mark has gone to work he’s been really good. I don’t have any layouts to share today and I haven’t really got anything else to say, so I am going to try and convince Lukas that it’s bedtime and hopefully he will go to sleep and then I can too.

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amydawn said...

hi hun! just wanted to drop you a fast note that i knew you would get :) hope things are well (i'll have to come back and read the last few posts to see what's new).
miss ya! ame