Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Could that be carpet I see?

It's been a very long weekend here, Mark has been very busy working on the bedroom and we are finally starting to see an improvement. One of the biggest things was moving Lukas's bed into a new spot. It gives us a lot more floor space and he seems a lot happier with the bed's new position than he was with where we had it before. There is still a lot left to do and while Mark is out I am supposed to be working on the huge pile of clothes that need to be put away, but I had a lot of computer stuff to catch up on first. Lukas has gone out with Ella, I believe they are going for a happy meal. Ella been here playing in the garden while Lisa has been at work so I haven't really seen much of him today. Easter really ended up being a bit of a bust, we never got around to having the Easter Egg hunt Lukas wanted but he didn't mind too much. I seem to have a creative block as far as scrapping goes lately. I keep opening Photoshop and then closing it again without doing anything or spending ages only to end up closing whatever I was working on because it's just not going the way I want it to. It's frustrating but I know eventually I will feel like scrapping again. I have been working a lot on trying to organize files instead. I keep hoping I will come across something I have forgotten about that will inspire me to create. Today is my brother Gavin and my Grandad's birthday, tomorrow I have a midwife appointment and then Monday is the hospital and scan appointments. Anyway I don't really have anything else to say today so I am going to love you and leave you and hopefully go and get something done before Mark and Lukas get home.

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