Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sundays are hard work!

I will admit that the day didn’t really start off great Nan did something to her television and had nothing but a black screen. She left a note for Mark to try and fix it and he woke me up telling me that he thought the tube or something had gone in it. I wasn’t really happy at being woken up to be told that or with the fact that I was going to have to hear about it being broken from Nan all day. To make things worse I was really hurting this morning everywhere was stiff and all of my muscles ached. Mark said he was going to Tesco for a few things and I decided to rearrange all the pillows to try and find a little relief while Lukas watched a film on the Disney Channel. For some reason unknown to me Lukas decided it would be a smart idea to pull the pillow I was laying on out from under my head for his doll. I managed to do something to my neck and whacked my shoulder on the wall to say I was not amused would be an understatement. When Mark got back I wasn’t exactly in the best of moods so he thought that it might be a good idea to escape to the garden to mow the grass and take Lukas with him while I had a long hot bath all by myself. I don’t often have baths on my own since the heat tends to make me dizzy especially when I am pregnant, the hospital always advise that someone stays in the room. But since I was mad at both Mark and Lukas I just wanted some peace and quiet so I left the window open and promised to get straight out if I felt strange. People underestimate just how special some very hot water, gorgeous smelling bath stuff and some privacy are. My muscles hurt a lot less after the bath, but my neck was still bugging me. While I was in the bath Nan came home from work and somehow Conor managed to fix her television which I was very relieved and happy about. While Lukas and Mark finished off the garden I took some time to catch up on a few computer things and even spent some time playing games online at Pogo. When Mark came in I asked him if we could clear underneath the bed today. He moved the mattress onto the landing and then unscrewed the slats to give us some more room to work. A couple of hours and two huge black sacks later the bottom of the bed was finally clean and swept out. Lukas has a box of toys to sort out another day that went back under the bed and the building bricks have finally been returned to their home. We even managed to clear off the majority of one of the shelves in our canvas storage unit (originally intended as a computer desk its basically a hold everything in here lol). The things we need from it have a new home in the underbed storage drawer and the other bits and pieces including wires and plugs have found more suitable homes. While I was clearing off the top of the printer I came across the Ben 10 DS game we have spent the last few months looking for so I now have a very happy little boy. There is still a lot to do in here to make it appear sorted out enough to stop Nan moaning (even if it really isn’t) but it feels like we are starting to make some dents in it all. I feel content because I have gotten a fair amount of computer organising done as well. I am getting a little excited about my scan tomorrow, I am hoping that we can go and pick up something in the right colour afterwards. It’s going to seem so long until it’s time to leave tomorrow, Lukas is supposed to go back to school tomorrow but obviously he is having the day off to come with me instead and going back on Tuesday. He’s not exactly thrilled about the idea of going back to school lol but that’s just too bad. Anyway I suppose I better wrap this up for now, I don’t have anything to show you today sorry.

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