Thursday, April 09, 2009

Feeling better

After being awake all night feeling rotten, this morning I was feeling strangely good and very hungry lol. Mark thinks I am weird because what I felt like eating was chicken soup and toast he says that's not breakfast. I kind of couldn't resist pointing out to him that as far as my body was concerned it was more like dinner lol. I snuggled up in bed for a cuddle with Lukas and fell fast asleep. Mark's working a different shift today, but Nan had already told me yesterday that she would be in all day if I was feeling ill Lukas could stay downstairs with her. When he went downstairs this morning I was expecting an hour or two of sleep at the most before he wanted something or Nan did. I never ever thought that I would sleep for the whole day and to be fair only wake up when I did because I needed the toilet lol. I am stiff all over from sleeping so soundly but I obviously needed it because I haven't felt this normal in a long time. Mark will be home soon so I am hoping I might be able to do some tidying up and put some clothes away. Since I have to sit on the floor to do either of those things thanks to the pain across my stomach, I am slightly worried that I might not be able to get up again all by myself because of my ribs and whatever I have done to my back. So while I am waiting for Mark I am trying to decide which computer task I have to do would be mosty likely to be finished before he gets home. It's tempting to scrap a layout but I am not sure what I want to scrap lol. I have so missed having the choices between doing one thing or the other and not being confined to only doing things that require no thought, energy or movement on my part lol. Lukas want's an Easter Egg Hunt this weekend I might have to go and pick up some plastic eggs since I can't remember where I put the other ones I had lol. I better go and do something useful like dinner maybe lol.

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