Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sometimes words elude me

Last night I tried to write a post so I could show you the layouts I have made, but I ended up staring at a blank page and eventually giving up and closing it without writing anything. Today was a crazy emotional day and I started writing a post but I was in such a mess it was confusing even me, I guess that's what happens when you have too many things smashing around in your head trying to find some way to escape. I was so incredibly sad and miserable earlier nothing was making any sense, I was fed up with Mark and Nan and life in general, sick of the computer issues and just too tired to deal with any of it. Then someone did something for me that made me feel incredibly lucky and blessed, i'm not ashamed to admit she bought tears to my eyes. All it took a simple act of kindness and someone to spend a little time and effort to change my whole perspective on things. She didn't magic away all of my problems but she reminded me that it's the little things that make everything else worth it. I know it sounds silly and I am a bit of a hormonal idiot at the moment but it really is as simple as something one person considers tiny can make a huge difference to someone else. I suppose I should stop rambling now and show you those 3 layouts. 2 of them were done on Sunday and the other was from yesterday and is part of a little project I am working on for Lukas which I will be happy to show you when it's done.
The first 2 were both created for template challenges (18 and 19)at Elemental Scraps, the second one also happens to work for the April Font Challenge at Scrap Orchard.

Credits: Layered template (Template Challenge 19) by Chrissy W, April Showers (April 09 Mega Kit) contributions by Jennifer Barrette, Leslie Bodoh, Meredith Cardall, Erin Keith, Angie Kovacs, Lucky Smith and Theres Kubitz (TheresK), Wordart by Bethany Harty (Elegant Wordart) and Spell It Plastic Beads by Kim Jensen.

Enabling: April Showers Mega Kit available here, Wordart by Bethany Harty (Elegant Wordart) available here and Spell It Plastic Beads by Kim Jensen available here. All the details for the template challenge including the download link can be found here

Credits: Layered template (Template Challenge 18) by Chrissy W, Boy Trouble (January 09 Mega Kit) contributions by Sherri Tierney, Chrissy W, Leah Riordan, Erin Keith, Pamela Donnis, Jill Van Dijk (Juno Designs) and Scraps By Shilo, Falling For You (September 08 Mega Kit) contributions by Shauna Burke Smith (Pineapple Plantation Designs), Franziska Altmann, Becky Vosberg and Ellie Lash and Tattered and Torn by Kami Leonard (Ziggle Designs). Font is 1942 Report.

Enabling: Boy Trouble Mega Kit available here, Falling For You Mega Kit available here, Tattered and Torn by Kami Leonard (Ziggle Designs) available here. All of the template challenge details can be found here, but the template is no longer available for free sorry. 

The last one started as a layout for the current I Can Use That Font challenge at Scrapbook Graphics, I thought I had lost these photos and was so relieved to find them it kind of spiralled into a project lol so far I have picked all the templates I want to use, chosen all of the photos and arranged them and done the majority of the journalling on them. I still have a few things to work out like what papers and elements I want to use. It will eventually be a little hybrid album for Lukas.

Credits: Layered template (Masquerade Ball Set 3, Template A slightly altered) by Hillary Heidelberg and Impressions Of Joy contributions by Iara Gomes Baer (BaersGarten Designs), Ellie Lash, Phuong Ton (Pton Designs), Manuela Zimmerman and Tangie Baxter. Fonts are Surface and Inkburrow.

Journalling reads: One of the best things about being your mum, is having the chance to plan special things to do with you. Even though we have to rely on public transport, we can still find ways to have fun days out as a family. For Christmas decided to take our 1st trip to Gullivers Land. We started our day with a taxi to the coach station, it was too early for the buses to be running. Then we caught the coach to Milton Keynes. Since the coach was running late, we missed the bus we had to catch. Luckily for us we were able to go and have some breakfast and a hot drink in a Subway near the train station. It was a bit confusing trying to work out which bus went where we needed to go but eventually we found it. By the time that we got to Gullivers Land it was really cold and had started to rain, but we refused to let that ruin our day out.

Enabling: Masquerade Ball Set 3 Templates by Hillary Heidelberg available here and Impressions Of Joy Mega Kit available here

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