Friday, July 02, 2010

Well it’s just about time for my monthly blog post lol

That seems to be about as often as I get around to writing a real post now isn’t it. If I am completely honest (which I usually am on here lol) I am actually late with this. I meant to write this one up yesterday, but after only a few hours sleep, Lukas’s sports day and our trip to town I was too tired to function. Sorry about that. Anyway I am here now, so I am going to start with a recap of Wednesday then I am going to tell you about yesterday. We picked Lukas up after school with the intention of going to Cowley Centre and buying him some new trainers and then taking a trip into town to buy him some new clothes, mainly t-shirts and more socks. We were going to take him for a happy meal. We ended up buying quite a few things in the 99p store, then we got some birthday cards, and managed to find Lukas a pair of white trainers he liked that fitted. On our way into town Lukas couldn’t make up his mind if he wanted a happy meal, or if he wanted to go to Pizza Hut. We went straight to Primark to buy his t-shirts. We had picked out some socks for Logan and were walking towards the t-shirts when they announced that they were closing. One of the members of staff was quite rude to us, but we left Mark to pay for the few bits that were already in our basket, while Me and the boys went to Sainsburys. Only we got distracted on the way and ended up in the Sports shop. We had an £18 gift voucher for there, from a pair of shoes we had bought for Lukas that didn’t end up fitting him. We were just going to look at the clothes and then leave again. Then we saw the crocs Lukas has been asking for. He wants closed in ones like mine, he also wanted them in bright orange so they matched mine lol. I called Mark’s mobile and asked him to come and meet us in there. We ended up buying quite a lot. All of the England football shirts were reduced thanks to our crappy performance in the world cup, so I was able to get Lukas a shirt and Logan a full kit for less than the shirt has originally cost on it’s own! They both ended up going for the blue and white kit, although I admit it I am tempted to go back and get the red one, oh alright and the white one lol. We found some great t-shirts for Lukas and some more t-shirts for Logan. I got another pair of closed in crocs, in purple, although I was really disappointed when we got home and found they were too big so they have to go back. Then we picked up some drink in Sainsburys and tried to decide where to go for dinner. We walked past KFC since it looked really busy and headed down to Pizza Hut. They didn’t seem to be running the same promotion as the other store in town was, so we decided to give them a miss. I suggested we tried a new place I had heard about called Fire and Stone rather than walking all the way back to the other Pizza Hut. We were so glad that we did!! We were met at the door by super friendly staff, even though they were busy they pushed two small tables together for us so we had room to park the pushchair. They were running a special promotion where all pizzas were £4. Lukas was going to order from the kids menu but we were advised to order him an adult one as it would be cheaper. So he got one from the menu called the American Hot, (Fire & Stone’s tomato sauce, sliced Italian pepperoni, green chillies and grated mozzarella), and they took off the Chilli for him. I went with the Sydney (Crisp oven-roasted smoked bacon, free range egg, shaved smoked ham, mozzarella, Fire & Stone’s tomato sauce, basil & chives) and Mark went for the Maui (Double smoked shaved ham, Fire & Stone’s tomato sauce, diced sweet pineapple, mozzarella, basil, red onion & tomato salsa). The boys got cokes to drink and I went for Pineapple Juice. The pizzas were all gorgeous and yummy I was so mad I forgot to take a photo because we were too busy devouring them lol. The staff were so polite and helpful, none of us can wait to go back again. Then we stopped off at Tesco on he way home, by the time we actually got home it was about 10pm lol. So we were all pretty tired. Now that Wednesday is blogged about onto Sports Day. This year much to his annoyance, Lukas was in the White Team. He hates white t-shirts (and socks) because he says they are boring. Because he’s in year 3 he got to choose three events to take part in, this year he went for Javelin throwing, Egg and Spoon race and a Running race. We were so proud of him because he managed to come 3rd in his Egg and Spoon race. I suppose I should mention there were only 3 participants in that race shouldn’t I lol. But that meant that he got a sticker with 3rd on it. It’s the first time he’s ever gotten one and he was so proud, although I am not sure who was prouder, him or us lol. Logan had a great time he loved all the noise and excitement, but he did manage to escape his pushchair for the first time, we looked down to check on him and he was standing on the floor holding the pushchair and grinning at us, cheeky monkey. I think we may have forgotten to put his straps back on him, but lesson learnt never leave straps off in the pushchair again. Anyway back to Sports Day, it was really close in points but the White Team ended up coming first. It was really sweet they had the whole team line up and each one of them got to hold the trophy, which was obviously a great moment for them and a great photo op for all the parents lol. Some of the parents had really high end cameras, that made my brand new 14MP look like a cheap point and shoot, it was slightly crazy. After it was all over, Me and Mark took Logan into the city centre to do some shopping. Our first stop of the day will probably sound silly to some people, but I don’t care. I wanted to buy Lukas a trophy for coming third and his team winning sports day. In the covered market there are quite a few key and engraving shops. We were able to buy a really cute 3rd trophy, but they couldn’t engrave it for us because they have no engraver on site. We decided to buy the trophy and get it engraved somewhere else. We tried another place in the market who told us that they didn’t do engraving but their other shop in town did. Then we stopped for breakfast/lunch in Ricardos. It’s a little sandwich shop, the people that own it know us and the nice lady behind the camera couldn’t believe how big Logan was, or that he would be a year old soon. It’s always nice to go in there because they always remember us, we don’t go in there very often anymore though because we hardly ever go into town. Bacon and Egg Rustic bap for me, Tuna Mayonnaise Rustic Bap for Mark, Sausage roll for Lukas after school and a sausage for me for later. Our next stop was a long one, they have been ringing up and hassling us because one of our phone contracts is almost up. We decided that it would be simpler for us to go into the three shop and get a phone there. It took a long time to sort everything out but eventually we left with a Nokia E72 handset in silver and something that we weren’t really intending on, a mobile internet dongle. Then we went to the other key shop to have the trophy engraved. Our buggy wouldn’t fit through the doors, so they were nice enough to open the second door for us. We ended up choosing a brass plate for engraving, and went with the words Lukas 01-07-2010 I regretted afterwards not adding Egg & Spoon race but I was worried about it not fitting. It was £11.95 set up fee then 25p per letter. I might have a second plate engraved at a later date, I haven’t quite decided. It was going to take half an hour so we went into Argos and picked up a new controller for the X-Box 360. Before catching the bus home. We decided the 10 would be quicker than waiting for a 1, that meant we had to change at Cowley Centre. But we still got to Lukas’s school with half an hour to spare, so we took Logan to the park. When we picked Lukas up and gave him his trophy he was thrilled. Mark had a doctors appointment later in the evening, his throat has been hurting for over a week. She said he has a nasty infection and that his throat had pus in it, yuk! lol. He’s not contagious and it should clear up soon. He has a course of antibiotics to take and some painkillers (ibruprofen and paracetamol) that should help with the swelling). He’s gone to work today, and he has work tomorrow and then he’s off on a week’s holiday. We were all really tired by around 7:30 and struggling stay awake. I had only had a few hours sleep because we had been out the day before, was tired because of the painkillers and Lukas was wiped out from Sports Day. I was hoping to go to my 1st speed scrap last night but I just couldn’t stay awake. I’ll be back in a bit with another post want to share some CT stuff with you.

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