Friday, July 23, 2010

Picking up where I left off

when I blogged last (if you don’t count the moving posts around and video I posted of Logan), I had recapped everything up to Tuesday. Wednesday was the last day of school. Lukas went off to school with mini chocolate muffins (because his birthday is in the holiday) and haribo sweets (because it’s the last day of term). He had enough for one muffin and 2 packets of sweets for everyone. His teacher told him he was only allowed to give out 1 packet of sweets to each child and there were a lot of people absent on the last day, so he came home with lots of leftovers. It ended up being a good thing as Logan tried the chocolate muffins and ended up eating 6 of them lol. He’s never really liked cake before and he really devours these. Lukas came home with a nice frame and photo of his class, apparently they took a nice photo of the class and a silly photo of the class, Lukas decided he wanted the silly one. He also has a certificate for Forest school. I was a little surprised that I didn’t get the usual collection of art and schoolwork home. I am not sure if he forgot it or if they haven’t been given the stuff because they have the same teacher next year. Amazingly he managed to remember everything else like his uniform and lunch bag. Yesterday I was feeling really ill again, and I have my period so I was feeling really miserable. We ended up having a really nice quiet day. I watched some Eli Stone on my computer and Lukas played his X-Box and spent some time downstairs with Nan. Logan seemed to be running a bit of a temperature but he seems to be fine today. So far today me and the boys have all had a bath, I have finally cleared out my inbox, caught up on my Google Reader and I have started tagging the school fete photos on Flickr. I made lunch (crisps, frosties, a kitkat, a pepperami, cucumber and star shaped ham sandwiches for Lukas and star shaped bread and butter for Logan). Lukas and Logan are both being really good. I think Logan might even be intending on taking a nap since he’s laying down drinking his bottle. It’s very peaceful at the moment and I like having them both around especially when they are not fighting with each other. I have one more blog post to write before I make a start on doing some tidying up and hopefully finding some scrapping time. I haven’t scrapped for a few days and I miss it.

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