Friday, July 23, 2010

Still recapping

Sunday I crashed again and spent nearly the whole day in my bed. That takes us all the way up to Monday. I suppose I should mention something here so the next part makes sense. Lukas has had a sore big toe for a while, at first I thought he might have dropped a toy on it or stood on something. I decided the best option was to keep an eye on it, then it started to look like an ingrown toenail, I have had them a few times (ironically on the same toe as Lukas). I knew that there was really nothing that could be done about it. Yesterday Logan dropped the annoying singing butterfly, it’s actually Lukas’s toy from when he was a baby on Lukas’s foot. His foot started to bleed and while I was cleaning it up I noticed that not only had his toe swollen up to about twice the size but all the skin was very tight and red. So I thought we should go and get it checked out, since Conor’s ankle was still hurting we took the pair of them down to the out of hours surgery. We called a taxi and they said they would be 10 minutes over half an hour and 4 phone calls later it finally showed up it was nearly an hour after we had first called the taxi before we finally got to the doctors. Sat around for a long time, before finally being called in by the doctors. Lucky for us even though we had to wake him up from his sleep to change him and his clothes, Logan was in a fairly good mood and was a little angel. Lukas got the diagnosis of an infected ingrown toenail and we were advised to keep his shoes off where ever possible, keep him home from school today because it’s the school picnic and there would be a lot of walking, and bathe his foot in salt water and clean it with antiseptic. Just in case you feel like seeing how sore it is. Warning it is a gross photo! The red on his other toe is just blood.


Conor’s is just bruising she advised that he keep moving and showed him a few movements with his foot that should help it feel less stiff. It took about 3 hours total. When we got home I was feeling really ill again and ended up getting an early night. I did sleep all night but I have been awake since 5 this morning and I am really starting to feel tired now. So Lukas is home with me today (Tuesday), he’s been mostly good apart from waking Logan up. He will be going to school tomorrow because it’s the last day and he has things to collect and cakes and sweets to give out since his birthday is in the holidays. This year I am not doing anything fancy, they are getting everything in the original packaging because I don’t feel up to sitting up all night, fighting with the printer, trimming, cutting, gluing/sticking etc. It’s not like Lukas really cares as long as he gets to give things out he’s happy. I don’t feel like I have been very productive today, so far all I have managed to get done is dress Logan, feed Lukas, change Logan, watch last nights Raw, feed Logan, check and clear some emails, clear my Google Reader and blog or at least I have managed to do that in between getting Logan down from the shelving unit and trying to find something for him to play with for more than a few seconds. Seems a lot more productive when it’s wrote out as a list lol. I still have a lot of other things I need to do including another blog post and some CT work. Logan has gone to sleep and I have just ordered dominoes pizza for Lukas for dinner. I haven’t decided what I want, I don’t really feel like eating lately, nothing really appeals to me. Mark will be home around 8, I will see what he wants to eat, knowing him he will probably pick up some form of takeaway on the way home he usually does on this shift. Maybe I can get a layout done while Logan is sleeping, that’s sounds much more interesting than the other tasks on my to-do list, actually if I am being honest it’s more like a to-do book at the moment. Hopefully Mark can have the kids for an hour or so when he gets home and I can cross a few more things off my list. The other option is that I bribe him to do bath time, but he hates bathing the boys and honestly the boys hate it when he baths them. Logan likes to sit and play in the bath and Mark just whips him in and out again and Lukas whines and complains the entire time. I always end up having to go in and wash Lukas’s hair anyway because he refuses to let Mark do it. That’s a thought maybe I can get some cute bath photos tonight to play with the new Bella Gypsy kit I treated myself to yesterday. I have lots of bath photos, but it’s always good to have more lol. Mark did end up bathing the boys for me, but we never took any photographs. This post actually made a lot more sense when I wrote it the other day, I have tried to edit some parts but I have probably missed some sorry about that.

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