Friday, July 09, 2010

Now that Mark’s home

I can show you the other things I wanted to talk about. We have a daily download running again this month at DSDI. Jewel (Mad Genius Designs) has teamed up with Snickerdoodle Designs By Karen, and this month there’s a twist. Last month Jewel posted a thread inviting DSDI members to suggest themes and colours for this month’s daily download. You can see that thread here. They then followed that up with a second thread asking what people wanted to see in the kit, you can see that one here. This is the first time I have ever seen site members having so much input into a daily download. The final kit – In The Kitchen Basics turned out great, but because I am very disorganised we are already on day 3. But don’t worry, because in this thread you can find all the details of how you can earn up to 2 missed days by taking part in our challenges. You can find the download for Day 3 in this thread, if you don’t want to wait and collect the other 7 pieces you can buy the whole kit here for the bargain price of just $2.39 until the 16th July. But I suppose I should stop rambling and show you the preview shouldn’t I lol. I have already scrapped with this kit, my Making Pizza layout.InTheKitchen_Previewonelittlebird_flightplan_4

The next thing I have to show you is this month’s Flavour Of The Month Kit – Splendid Summer. This one is really fun to work with, I fell in love with the cardstock and glitter styles. I have a bit of an obsession with cardstock, and giving me the option to use it as a style and be able to scale the pattern makes me incredibly happy. I decided to try my hand at making quick pages this month and I have 4 that were included in the Splendid Summer Quick Pages Set, which makes me feel very proud. This is the kit that Mark used in his layout but it’s also the kit that I used in my Tire Swing layout. I haven’t actually gotten around to using the quick pages I made to scrap with yet. Don’t forget that by signing up for the It’s A Fad challenge you can get this kit for just $3.


If you did want to pick up the kit and the quick pages, you would qualify for the special offer we are running in the store, when you spend $6 or more you receive Independence July for free. Of course you can buy anything in the store to a $6 value for this offer. It’s automatically added to your cart once the total comes to over $6. Now I am just trying to remember what else it was I wanted to show you lol. I suppose I could show you Jewel’s 2 new releases while I am trying to remember. These are both commercial use items, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them in your layouts. I love using overlays to add more texture or different patterns to papers in kits, and the edge ones really make your pages unique. Unfortunately because I am useless when it comes to blogging these sets are no longer on sale, sorry about that. They are still great value though especially if you happen to be a designer. I will try and be better about blogging when they are released.

Oh I remember what I was going to show you now, you will like it there are freebies involved. This month Jewel is hosting The Works challenge at DSDI, as part of that she has designed a really sweet little mini kit called – Once Upon A Time. The challenge simply involves using the mini to make a layout, don’t forget you get 15 points for taking part in that challenge, another added bonus is that it would count if you wanted to earn one of the Daily Download links you were missing. The other freebie she has available is her contribution to this month’s blog train blog – Picnic In The Park. I haven’t actually gotten around to using either of them yet.


The last thing I want to show you today is a charity kit that Jewel has contributed to – All Creatures Great and Small. This kit was designed to benefit a really great cause, helping to protect the animals whose homes have been and are continuing to be affected by the oil spill. All of the money raised will be donated to The National Wildlife Federation. It’s available exclusively at Funky Playground Designs until the 18th July. Mark actually bought me this kit as a gift, neither of us knew Jewel had contributed at the time of purchase. The kit is really cute, and I am hoping that I manage to find some time to use it soon. You can purchase it here.


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