Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I have so much to do today,

but instead I am blogging did that give you a hint that most of the things on my to-do list are things I don’t really want to do like put away clothes and clear my desk lol. I am actually starting to believe that I really suck at this blogging thing, I mean I even forgot to come back and blog that I was hosting a speed scrap and invite you to join me. If you are wondering the layout I ended up making is this one. I am intending on sharing the template I made before making the layout, but not today because it’s not ready yet sorry. I do have a freebie (actually 3 freebies) to share with you today, but you have to read my rambling first sorry about that.

Yesterday was Mark’s uncle Tim’s funeral. Despite the fact that Mark managed to lose his trousers and when the taxi arrived to pick us up he still wasn’t dressed we managed to be on time, which is unusual for us. A lot of Mark’s family wore white to honour his bowls hobby and many of them (although not Mark or Mark’s dad), walked behind the funeral procession. It was a nice service, the minister sang a psalm and there were readings from some of Mark’s family members (his aunties Rachel and Michelle, Rachel’s daughter Sophie and Tim’s wife Sam’s mum). It ended with a very upbeat song called Red Fish, Blue Fish, Cardboard Box which made everyone laugh. The boys were both amazingly well behaved and we were very proud of them. After it was over with, we decided not to go to the wake. Instead we wondered over and Mark showed me his mum’s wall plate and where her ashes were scattered. Lukas had started to whine and complain that he was hungry so we decided that instead of getting a taxi home we would get one to McDonalds. Logan got to have his first happy meal he managed half a chicken nugget and about half of his chips which was quite impressive. He’s not too sure about the chicken nuggets but he liked sitting in McDonalds. Lukas opted for a cheeseburger happy meal and a chicken nugget happy meal, he didn’t manage to finish it all while we were sitting down but he enjoyed himself. I ordered a plain cheeseburger and mozzarella sticks with a large sprite, the drink ended up being sent back because it was nasty and tasted strange, the replacement diet coke wasn’t much better so maybe it was to do with the ice. I usually ask for my drinks without or I order stuff in bottles. Mark went for a Summer BBQ Beef burger meal, he thought the sauce was a little spicy but still enjoyed it. While we were eating we decided since we were already out we may as well go and pick up Logan’s birthday presents. So we walked over and got a bus into the city centre. Lukas was thrilled because he got to ride upstairs on a Double Decker bus, Logan decided the bus ride was a great time to take his first nap of the day lol. Our first stop was M&S to look at trousers for Lukas we ended up not buying trousers but we did get the boys new swimwear each and Logan got 3 new pairs of shoes and a t-shirt, we also found some great books on sale so we picked those up for Logan as well. Next stop was Primark we were intending on getting more socks and pants for Lukas but ended up deciding against it because the queues were so long. Next up was Sport Soccer where we picked up two more England shirts one each for Lukas and Logan, Logan’s has shorts with it and Lukas’s is just a top. Now they have the white one and the blue one, I am very tempted to buy them the red one but I don’t think Mark would approve lol. Then we went to Next and I managed to get some real bargains, a top, a dress and a cardigan for just £6. Then we went to Sainsbury to buy drinks for everyone, with a quick stop in Game so Mark could pick up some skateboarding game he wanted before we headed to Argos to get Logan’s presents. We decided on a kitchen, a tool bench and a BBQ for Logan, a microwave and a doctors set for them both to play with and some Lego mini figures for Lukas. Then we caught another Double Decker bus to Cowley Centre to pick up birthday cards, we also made 2 other stops in B&M and the 99p Store. Logan got an activity triangle toy since he had been such a good boy all day, Lukas had been a bit of a brat all day lots of whining and complaining but since we were willing to put it down to him still not feeling very well he couldn’t find a toy he wanted but he got some sweets. We also got plates, cups and napkins for the boys birthday cake. Lukas decided on Ben 10 Alien Force Plates and Napkins and I convinced him to get racing car cups because you got twice as many for the same price. We ended up getting KFC for dinner as everyone was tired and fed up after being out all day long. Me and Logan ended up falling asleep with our clothes on still apparently Lukas kept up the whining and crying for a long time after we went to sleep, but I was so tired out I didn’t even hear him. He seems to be in a better mood today but he’s not really himself. The plans for their birthday have changed more times than I can keep track off but right now it looks like we will be going somewhere on Friday and then on Tuesday which is Lukas’s birthday we will be going to the cinema to see Space Chimps 2 in the morning, followed by Toy Story 3 in 3D, possibly bowling in the afternoon and then either eating out at Oxy Oriental or ordering dominoes pizza at home before we have birthday cake. On Wednesday which is Logan’s birthday we don’t have any plans confirmed yet, with me and the boys still being ill it’s easier to just go with whatever we feel like doing on the day. Now that I have rambled enough I am going to get on with what you are really here for, the freebies. As I told you earlier in the month I am hosting the Altered Art challenge at DSDI, but I think I forgot to mention that there was a freebie that went along with it. Since my challenge was to add some text around the edge of your page, I provided a free 12x12 text path to help you do that. I don’t have a preview made for it, but if you want it you can find the download link in the challenge thread here. I am also hosting the Get With It (Desktop) challenge at DSDI this month and for that one I provided a free desktop template in 3 sizes 800x600, 1024x768 or 1280x1024, I do have previews for them, I am going to show you two different ones as the 1280x1024 is slightly different than the other 2 (has 2 extra circles). Here are the previews for you. All of the downloads can be found in the thread.

Desktop 1 LukasmummyDesktop-1-Lukasmummy

If you want to see what I made with the template, it’s the layout in the last post. I made it using Laura’s (C.W Picket & Company) 2 new releases Basic Scallop Templates and Flea Market Finds, since we are talking about freebies you may want to check out her blog for a free addon.


Both of those products are available exclusively at Digi Scraps Drive In.

The last freebie I have to share with you today was created for the Go For Pinks (or blues, or…), which is the name of the colour challenge at DSDI. It’s a great challenge, you receive a swatch and the challenge is to scrap/create using it. I made this whole set using Jewel’s Grunge Genius 2 Overlays and I think it turned out quite cute. If you want them, you can find the download link here. The set I made last month is also still available here if you want them.


You still have time to take part in any of this month’s challenges at DSDI, I really hope you will come over and join us. I am going to sign off now because Lukas has just gotten back. He’s been out with Lisa and Ella for a little while and I haven’t really seen him much today.

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