Friday, July 23, 2010

The little drummer boy

I wanted to share this in a post by itself. Logan loves to bang things and when he goes downstairs one of his favourite things to do is sit on top of the freezer and play with Nan’s tins. Usually he just spins them around on top of each other or bangs them with his hands. He also loves to send them flying off the top of the freezer and laughs when they crash to the floor. Nan doesn’t mind because with all of the other things he does while he is downstairs, this is by far the least destructive. For some reason I decided to give him a spoon to bang them with, still not quite sure how the tins don’t have huge dents in them because he was really whacking them. You will have to excuse everyone talking in the background apparently none of them are able to grasp that the microphone records their noise as well as Logan’s. This is the first time I have used the camera to record a video so hope the quality is ok.

Logan using Nan's tins as drums 19th July 2010

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