Friday, July 09, 2010

So much to talk about

and I have as long as Logan decides to nap for to do it lol. I keep meaning to come in and write a blog post and then I get distracted it doesn’t help that I have been feeling really ill lately. But anyway I might not have long so I am not going to get started on that. This month has been super busy over at Digi Scraps Drive In. Hopefully I won’t forget anything. First up we have a new collection of challenges, including one I volunteered to host – Altered Art. The points system is really good you get 15 points for each challenge you take part in, most of the challenges also offer you a 10 point bonus if you use 90% DSDI products (It’s A Fad, The Works and Yakkity Yak don’t) and Go For Pinks, or Blues offers you a 5 point bonus for promoting the challenge via blog or twitter or facebook or forum. When you reach 500 points you can redeem them for a $5 store gift card. You can check out all of the challenge details here. Usually the Drag Races (Speed Scraps) earn you points as well, but this month things are a little different. We are holding a whole month of drag races, there is a speed scrap every single day. I had never been to a speed scrap before but I chose to give it a try and I have had a blast. So far I have only missed one speed scrap this month. But I do have to get better at actually scrapping rather than just chatting lol. I have only managed to scrap once during a speed scrap. I’ll let you in on a secret, the layout I scrapped looked really nice but I felt like it was lacking something, so after the speed scrap was over, I tweaked it a little. Which one do you prefer?


While I am talking about Speed Scraps, I took Mark to his first one the other night. He had fun chatting but didn’t end up scrapping. He’s coming more over to the dark side all the time lol. He has a twitter account now to go with his facebook account, and he even joined in with a challenge at DSDI. Since I doubt that he can even remember his log in details for his blog, I am going to share his layout with you, if you feel like it please go and leave him some love, it will make him really happy and then he might scrap a little bit more. My logic is really simple if I encourage him to scrap more, then maybe he will whine less about my digi stash shopping lol. Anyway here’s his layout, he took part in the Made In The Shade Challenge (Template).

July-Made-in-the-ShadeI suppose it would also be useful to show you the advert for the Month of Drag Races wouldn’t it, I have linked the image up to the forum where you can find all of the details you need. I even volunteered to hold one a little later in the month, that should be amusing to watch lol.

MonthDragRaceI still have things I want to share with you but Mr Monster has just woken up and Mark is still at Tesco, I will try and pop back later when he’s back. If not tomorrow for sure.

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