Thursday, October 30, 2008

Probably my last post before we go

and it's going to be a super quick one because Mark will be home soon and I have a huge list of things that need to be done before tomorrow. The suitcase still isn't packed, the printer needs to be fixed so the tickets can be printed out plus all the usual stuff like tidying up, bathing Lukas, getting him undressed. Right now I am just getting frustrated with Lukas because he is noisy, annoying and driving me crazy. I just need him to sit for a while or at the very least turn down his volume a bit. I have spent the whole day alternating between "Lukas calm down and stop running around" and "Lukas please be quiet" and there's been a few "Lukas just shut up for 5 minutes you are driving me insane" lol got to love half term and overexcited monkeys. So while he was downstairs tormenting Nan for a while I managed to get a layout scrapped. My hands are really tied with getting holiday stuff done until Mark comes home. I can't pack because I don't know what clothes he wants, can't do the printing because he hasn't fixed the printer. I have a few others from yesterday to share too. Scrappng is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment, it's one of the only things that stops my mind racing with everything that needs to be done, or gotten ready. I kind of feel like my head is going to explode sometimes with how much I have to remember, I am so unsettled at the moment my head is a mess.
Anyway here are the layouts I have to share with you, hopefully we will have a blast on holiday and I will come back with tonnes of new photos to scrap and inspiration to scrap them (I can dream can't I lol) I'm hoping we hve such a good time I don't stop to think about all the Digital Scrapbooking Day festivities I am missing.

The 1st one was created for Chrissy's new template challenge, the rectangle version.

Credits: Layered template (Template Challenge 8 Rectangle) by Chrissy W, Lakehouse by Angie Kovacs and Chrissy W, The Right Path Basics, The Glittered Edge Alpha and Not Too Shabby Papers by Angie Kovacs, Cardboard Swirls (used as clipping mask) by Bren Boone, Funky Hearts and Glitter Styles by Megan Farrow (Flergs) and Make Me Gorgeous Action by Lauren Barden. Font is FO Free Refill by Fontologie.


The 2nd one was created using this month's Songbird Avenue kit.

Credits: Layered template (Edge 2 Edge, Template 2) by Chrissy W, Label Me 01 by Royanna Lea Fritschmann and Peachy Keen (Songbird Avenue October 08) by Meredith Fenwick, Jan Crowley and Pamela Gibson. Fonts are FO Howie's Stamps Abundant and FO Howie's Stamps Lowfat both by Fontologie.

Journalling reads: The first time we went to Jamboray, with Conor, Ella, Morgan and Reece you had a great time. Driving the cars, playing in the ballpit, scaling the cargo nets, sliding down the huge slide, jumping on the trampolines and climbing over the obstacle course. I tried really hard to take some photos for you to remember your first trip there, but you were all busy rushing about and playing on everything You were way too fast for me, I just couldn’t keep up. By the time I found a camera setting that gave me acceptable results and started to learn how to take photos, the camera batteries died. But that’s ok you had fun and that’s what is really important. But that means we will have to go back again so I can have another go at getting some photographs. But I am pretty sure you will have no objections to that will you Lukas.


The 3rd one was created using Royanna's Passionately Pink Blog Freebies.

Credits: Layered template (Sample Pack 7, Template 4) by Chrissy W, Passionately Pink Blog Freebies 1,2 and 3 by Royanna Lea Fritschmann, Stitched Stems by Natalie Braxton and I Miss My Mother Wordart by Merkeley Designs. Fonts are FO Weathered In Between and FO Printing Primer Abundant both by Fontologie.

Journalling reads: When I first met you I really liked you, I can’t say the feeling was very mutual but it didn’t matter, I loved you like a second mother. When you were first diagnosed with Cancer I remember being the one to hold you. Being the one to hide my own tears from you and being the one to hold your son and tell him everything was going to be ok. We watched you get sick with the chemotherapy and I remember sitting and spending hours looking online for things to make it easier on you - Wigs, Bras, and other stuff like that but you never ended up having to have the mastectomy you were so afraid of. Then for a while it looked like everything was going to be ok, we started to hope for a future. When you found that second lump I urged you to go to the doctors but you delayed and wasted precious time. For a while I hated you for doing that. Hated you for not going and getting it checked and treated. Hated you for telling me this information that I had to hide from the one I love. But more than that I hated you for not caring enough to think about anyone but yourself. It was so hard on all of us when you had to start treatment again. I used to think that maybe if you had gone to the doctors like I begged you to, or you had taken your medication like you should have done maybe we wouldn’t have to go through this. Then we moved out and barely saw you. When you started being admitted to hospital we assumed it was because yet again you were not following doctors advice. But we were wrong. After you died we found out you were much sicker than any of us had ever thought, maybe even more than you knew. I know we had our differences but that doesn’t mean that a single day goes by when I don’t wish I had got the chance to tell you how much I cared.


The 4th one is the one I did today with an old photo I found of Lukas.

Credits: Layered template (Shop For Sarah, Template 9) by Char Huskins and Hold Fast by Royanna Lea Fritschmann. Fonts are FO Free Refill and FO Printing Primer Abundant both by Fontolohie.

Journalling reads: When we took this photograph, you had a great big bruise on your head from bumping into something. You were still small enough to wear babygros to bed and you really loved to sleep on your Fimbles inflatable bed. You looked so tiny laying in it, not at all like the big boy you were all of the rest of the day. We never once thought this would be the last photograph of you in it we got. Never thought that you would become a big brother 4 days later. Maybe if we had known what was coming next, these moments would have seemed more precious than they were. We would have clung to every single second of them. This photograph will always remind me of just how precious those little moments are and how quickly they can be gone.


Will try and add the enabling later if I get a chance.

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