Thursday, October 23, 2008

Giving you fair warning

This post will not contain any photographs, layouts or other generally nice things to look at is is purely a rant before I smack a massive hole in the nearest wall or my head explodes. Please don't feel obliged to read/comment I just need somewhere to vent!
Now that I have that out of the way let the moaning commence. Do you remember I mentioned that I have been sick, well I have now gotten used to the pain in my ears and it's bearable unless I move wrong or sneeze. I have the added complication of getting the same problem I get every time I take the antibiotics I was given (no I am not sharing details because that really would be way TMI). So that problem required another visit to the doctors yesterday. Now I seem to be coming down with another virus because my throat is swollen I have a killer headache that is completely different to the headaches or migraines I am used to, I ache absolutely everywhere and have a fever. I kind of alternate between shivering and sweating it's great fun. Yes that was sarcasm at it's best it truly sucks but anyway I can deal with being ill, I'm used to it. Feeling like crap is not a new concept, more like I'm ill again big whoop! So what pushes being ill across the line from bearable or tolerating to complete mummy meltdown and ready to smash things that would be a combination of Nan and my husband. Guaranteed to drive even the sanest of person round the bend (but I am not entirely sane and rational to begin with am I lol). So since it feels like I am living in a war zone let me try and explain it in those terms for you. Here goes.

In the red corner, possessing the qualities of not listening to a word anyone says, repeating the same complaints over and over again and being of the opinion she is right about absolutely everything and everyone else is completely thick. Secret weapons include, raised voice, amateur dramatics, tears and the death stare - Nan.

In the blue corner, possessing the qualities of being able to waste hours staring at the television, ignoring every word spoken to him, refusing to answer anyone and being incapable of doing absolutely anything without being told at least a million times. Secret weapons include stinky socks, endless sport and grunting. - Mark.

Put them together and you live in my house, I am sick of hearing one whinging about the other one. I am sick of saying the words if you asked Mark to do it why are you telling me about it. I am sick of saying the words, if Nan asked you to do it why haven't you. I am sick of repeating myself to everyone. I am sick of hearing the words "I'm so ill" whenever I ask Nan why she hasn't called this person or that person to sort out what she is endlessly whining about. I am sick of hearing the words "I'm going to my dad's to do washing" before Mark goes off and spends the whole day there and then the following day either has to go and do more or pick up stuff that wasn't dry. Actually I am just sick and desperate to climb into my bed and be left alone. Desperate for a few hours of not listening to either of them or Lukas who seems to be whinging constantly or having meltdowns I have reached my breaking point and right now I am clinging on to the tiny piece of sanity I have left and wishing they would all just go to hell or at least lose their voices lol. They are very depressing, I don't feel like listening to a normal conversation yet somewhere along the line I became mediator, moderator and little miss fix it all. My mojo is completely gone thanks in part to feeling ill and in bigger part to the chaos in this house. We go away in 8 days time and I have even reached the point where I am no longer looking forward to it. I feel really rough and just wish they would give it a rest so maybe I could grab a little rest of my own. I could cope with being ill if they would pack it in for a little while. I could cope with their crap if I could stop feeling ill for a little while. I have to get everything ready and packed, and I can't do it while all this is going on. Maybe I should just bang their heads together if nothing else I might get some satisfaction from doing it lol. I feel a bit happier now I have got that off my chest thanks for listening. I am now off to find some more painkillers and plead with Lukas to go to sleep so I can join him. Mark is at work, Nan's watching tv so at least that issue is solved for a while. Will probably be back tomorrow, I have a layout from a couple of days ago to share.

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