Saturday, October 25, 2008

If your wondering

Nope my mood really isn't much better than it was the last time I blogged. Nan is still driving me around the bend and I had a massive argument with her earlier. But I don't want to talk about it. I also don't want to talk about how every single day I am counting down to our little break away from things I am reading more and more about Digital Scrapbooking Day celebrations that I am going to miss. Yes my timing sucks the biggest digital scrapbooking party of the year and I will be nowhere near a computer to participate. Last year was a blast but I am trying to look on the bright side. I am going to spend 4 whole nights almost 3 hours away from Nan in a hotel, just us. It's not just the Digital Scrapboking Day celebrations it's missing Halloween too. I love looking at the little trick or treaters costumes even if Lukas is rarely interested in anything to do with it. I suppose it didn't really help my mood that Lukas turned around today and said he doesn't want me to go on holiday with him. He only wants to go with daddy, but he won't tell me why. So a pretty crappy day all round except for one thing I got 2 layouts done. Chrissy W and Angie Kovacs have opened a joint store at Elemental Scraps and to celebrate they have released a grab bag. That's what I have been busy with tonight. So no more moaning tonight only the layouts. First up is the one I did the other day that you haven't seen yet about my very sexy shoes.

Credits: Layered template (McTurtle'icious Rectangle, Template 4) by Chrissy W, Accouterment Junque by Royanna Lea Fritschmann and I'm Talking 'bout Sports Wordart by Jodie McNally. Font is FO-Textura by Fontologie.

Journalling reads: I may not be a girly girl, but like most women I do have a little weakness for pretty shoes. I love the added height and the way any outfit can be made to look better. But most of all I love how shoes are sexy on anyone regardless of their size. This pair happen to one of my favourites, they are platform heels so I can actually walk in them, the only problem is they really hurt. I only wear these when I am going out somewhere I am likely to feel unsecure. They give me a much needed confidence boost and look great on so to me that makes them worth any pain.

The next one was made almost entirely with Chrissy and Angie's Grab Bag, the only thing not in it was the little date stamp element.

Credits: Layered template (Edge 2 Edge Rectangle, Template 2) by Chrissy W and Lakehouse by Chrissy W and Angie Kovacs and Postage Date Stamps by Amber Clegg. Font is FO Howie's Stamps Abundant by Fontologie.

Journalling: When we got home from school one day, Nana told you that Lisa was coming to pick you up, to go and play at Jamboray with Conor and Ella. Mummy and Nana were coming to. We had to rush to get you changed out of your school uniform and into some going out to play clothes. You started to whine that you were hungry so I offered you a super quick snack of cereal and mini ring doughnuts. When you saw them you got that cheeky little glint in your eyes. Your little brain was cooking up something cheeky to do but because we were in a rush I just left you to it. Then I hear you calling me and I turn around and see this. You somehow came up with the idea that you could look through them like glasses. Apparently it’s more fun to play with your food than it is to eat it. Obviously I had to snap a few pictures of you before I got you all cleaned up. It’s a good job Lisa is always late when she picks us up to go anywhere. You always manage to make me laugh lukas. I only wish I knew where you come up with all these crazy ideas.

The last one I have to share was made using a template from Chrissy and Angie's Grab Bag and Royanna's contribution to the mega kit for Breast Cancer at Divine Digital. The kit is huge and the money raised is going to something very close to my own heart. As you know Mark's mum died earlier this year from Cancer that started as Breast cancer and spread throughout her body.

Credits: Layered template (Edge 2 Edge Rectangle, Template 1) by Chrissy W and Passionately Pink by Royanna Lea Fritschmann. Font is FO Printing Primer Abundant by Fontologie.

Journalling reads: After the row with my mum when she stopped speaking to me, I found out she was pregnant again. It broke my heart that I would have a little brother or sister that I would never get to see.Never get to hold or show them how much I loved them. When she was born I found out her name from friends and family who speak to my brothers. She was called Maiya. It hurt me so much not to be able to buy her teddy bear or outfits to welcome her to the world. I saw a couple of pictures of her on one of my brothers Facebook acount, and it felt like my heart was broken. To look and not be able to touch. As time went on I accepted it and tried to move on. Then one day something amazing happened the kids came and knocked on the door on their way home from school. I was beyond thrilled to see them and couldn’t wait to hear all of the things they wanted to tell me. But I worried about what would happen if my mum ever found out they had been here. They came a few times and then the visits stopped. I had accepted that might happen, but my heart still broke a little more. One day my sisters knocked on the door. They had bought my baby brother Daniel with them. They were supposed to be taking him to the park.Then another day they came and brought me the greatest gift I have ever received. They bought Daniel and my baby sister Maiya with them. I almost had to pinch myself,because I couldn’t believe that she was right there in front of me and I could see her and hold her for the first time. It amazed me that she has never met me yet she was more than happy for me to pick her up. Perfectly content to sit on my lap and even managed to give me a few smiles. I took photographs of her and Daniel until my batteries ran out. I would love to scrap them all because they are so precious to me but The risk of someone seeing them and telling my mum just isn’t worth it to me. I couldn’t bear to think of what the girls would go through. They risked so much by making the choiceto come here and bring the kids to see me. I truly appreciate it more than they will ever know. It made me feel so special that they thought I was worth the risk. It gives me hope for a future with them in it.

I will add the enabling tomorrow but for now I will leave you with the product ads linked to the products.
Here's the one for the grab bag (image is linked)

Here's the one for the charity kit (image is linked)

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