Monday, March 14, 2011


Trampoline, originally uploaded by Lukasmummy.

Credits: Layered template (Papercuts A) by Michelle Batton and Your Story Mini (From February Collab Grab Bag) by Jen C Designs. Fonts are DJB Heather G and DJB Coffeeshop Espresso both by Darcy Baldwin.
Journalling reads: When you came with Mummy to drop off Lukas’s birthday card, you couldn’t wait to run out into the back garden. It was starting to get near your bedtime so we had to make it a quick play. You were fascinated by the trampoline, I don’t think you had seen one before. At first you wanted me to hold your hands and help you jump. But once Lukas got on you were soon bouncing and running around on it. You will have to come and play again soon. 3rd August 2007.

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