Friday, March 25, 2011

Logan The Elf

Logan The Elf, originally uploaded by Lukasmummy.

Credits: Layered template (Simply Quick 32) by Sue Cummings, 52 Inspirations 2011 Week Twelve Mini by Vicki Stegall and 52 Inspirations 2011 The Basics by Sue Cummings and Vicki Stegall..
Fonts are Bookman Old Style and Orator Std.
Journalling reads: When you are travelling on a train with two kids, sometimes a 30 minute journey can feel more like a 30 hour trip. It’s a mummy’s job to get a little creative when it comes to ways of stopping the endless questions of “are we there yet?”, “how much longer?” and “where are we now?” or try to avoid the inevitable “Mummy, I’m boooooorrrrreeeedddd”. I am lucky that my two are used to travelling and are fairly well behaved, but on this trip home from London, Lukas was tired and Logan was fed up of Lukas being in his face. So we played a game where we dressed Logan in a Santa hat we had bought as part of a bib and hat combo (which ended up being a little small) and handed Lukas the phone to take pictures. They both seemed to enjoy it or at least Logan preferred this to Lukas’s previous methods of annoying him. He kind of looks like a tiny little grumpy elf,so does that make him, a mummy’s little helper?

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