Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh wow

even I am having trouble believing that I failed after just one day. I mean I know that I am a pretty bad blogger but I thought I might have at least managed a week before I failed lol. Anyway I am going to have to pick that up another time right now I have lots to share. Since the last time I wrote a proper blog post (not counting the day 1 post), I have been busy, mostly because all the designers I get to CT for keep making awesome products lol. I kind of feel a bit guilty that I am very absent minded when it comes to promoting them so today I thought I would just give you a quick update about what’s going on with them and show you the latest releases. Be warned this is going to be a very image heavy post, but I have tried to keep them small so they are not too overwhelming, the images aren’t linked but the names are.

Let’s start with Jewel aka Mad Genius Designs, she’s a whole bundle of fun to work with. During the first birthday celebration at Digi Scraps Drive In she released a grab bag, the grab bag is no longer available but you can pick up the contents separately in her store by purchasing the Night Music Bundle and the CU Music Genius Brushes and Scatter Brushes Set. She also released a brand new set of CU overlays, Scatter Brushes and Glitters in the Star Genius Bundle. The next release was previously a participation prize for the P365 challenge at DSDI, P365 Basics Simple Borders Bundle. There were some other participation prizes added as well but I can’t remember if I have showed you them before but here’s a quick recap, P365 Basics Beaten Up Alpha White, P365 Basics Beaten Up Basics, P365 Basics Beaten Up Kraft Dates, P365 Basics Month and Week UPC Tags and P365 Basics Month Overlays as well as a few previous freebies. The July Daily Download was a collab between Jewel and Snickerdoodle Designs By Karen, Jewel has released her contribution In The Kitchen and the coordinating In The Kitchen Cardstock and Home To All. After that came a super cute Halloween kit called Trick Or Treat, it’s an updated re-release of last years Halloween kit available alone or bundled together with the brand new coordinating CU Glitter Styles and Cardstocks in the Trick Or Treat Bundle. Which brings us right up to her latest release, Celebrate This which will blow you away. All of the prizes and gifts Jewel made for the birthday celebration at DSDI have now been bundled up for sale, so if you missed out on getting them as prizes and are only missing a few you can go for the smaller bundles which cost $1.99 each, Birthday Things, Bright and Fun Alpha Set, Cool and Funky Alpha Set, Soft and Pretty Alpha Set, Hold Me Down, Ribbons and Strings, Pattern Papers, Gradient Papers, Solid Papers, Cardstock and Glitters. If you just want all of the alphas, the elements or the papers there is the Alphas Bundle, Papers Bundle or the Elements Bundle (which are all currently on sale for 37% off). Lastly there is the Bigger Bundle which is all the papers and elements together (currently on sale for 43% off) or the Biggest Bundle which is the best value and contains everything all together (currently on sale for 50% off).


Then there’s Laura aka C.W Picket & Company, she’s been busy too. I think the last kit release before I kind of stopped blogging was Flea Market Finds (there’s a qp freebie using that here)since then there have been quite a few releases. First up was grab bag of previously retired mini kits. It’s not available as a grab bag anymore but the almost all of the contents is available separately – All About Me Tab Alpha, Distressed Calendar Strips, Newsprint Alpha, Summer Day Mini and Walk In The Park Mini.  (You can also still download a free qp made with Walk In The Park here). Then came a super cute mini kit called Teen Beatz, that I never got around to working with, it was released while all the craziness with moving was going on. (There’s a free cluster and qp for that one here). After that came a football (soccer if you prefer) themed bundle called My Soccer Star, containing the football/soccer basics and mini kits in 9 different colours. (Free coordinating wordart available here). It had matching addon available for American Football called My Football Star, that was a free with a $5 purchase last month at DSDI but now it’s just $2.99. Then there was a CU Item called Office Supplies and a huge Roy G Biv Grab Bag released for the birthday celebration at DSDI, it has been fully revealed so it’s a no risk purchase and luckily for you Laura still hasn’t split that one up so you can snag it for just $4.99, but I am not sure how much longer you will be able to grab it for at that much of a steal! (There’s a freebie set of flowers that go with that here and a qp here). There were two journal sets that coordinate with the grab bag and P365 items in the store, they were previously offered as gifts for challenges during the DSDI Birthday Bash, P365 Roy G Biv Labels and P365 Roy G Biv Arrows. Before this years Halloween kit, Happy Halloween and matching CU Halloween Shapes were released. Then at the beginning of October Laura started a guest spot at Scrapable, including an exclusive kit called Camp Out (there’s a free qp available here) and a month long 35% off sale. Her last release at DSDI was an awesome set of Everyday Templates.


As for DSDI well there is always something going on over there. I wouldn’t know where to begin in showing you products and all the fun events but I will show you the mega kits. The last mega kit I blogged about what Splendid Summer there have been quite a few since then, Scrap To School was released for the Scrap To School event, Hit The Road Jack was the August Collab and Cubicle Madness was the September Collab. This month they went for something a little bit different by having a kind of grab bag in the October Mystery Collab and finally there is Courage for the Breast Cancer Awareness Scrapathon. You will truly not want to miss that it’s going to be a lot of fun, we’re kicking off with a brag book blog train (which I am taking part in) starting tomorrow (actually today since I took so long writing this blog post lol), and holding a series of challenges between the 21st and 24th October. You have the chance to win Laura (C.W Picket & Company) or Jen C’s entire store and all of the proceeds (minus paypal fees) from the sale of courage will be donated to breast cancer research. That’s in addition to all of the regular challenges at the site. I have the Altered Art and Get With It challenges, as usual but if you want a quick recap check out Kerry’s post on the blog. I’ll post the blog train in a minute.

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