Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jump aboard and ride our Scrapathon Blog Train

I actually did have good intentions to have this posted a lot earlier but the previous post kind of didn’t get finished last night like I intended and today it just seemed to take forever, but anyway no more excuses I know that’s not what you are here for. Before I share the link to my brag book pages I just wanted to clear two things up, the first is why you have 2 brag book pages lol. I have two blogs, both contain mostly the same content. My wordpress blog does have something that my blogger one doesn’t though, the ability to password protect certain posts, sometimes I need that function. It’s not because I want to hide anything though rather that there are some things I want to keep separate from my scrapping. So rather than make you go to both blogs separately I thought that I would just post the same post in both places and bundle the two pages together. So whichever one of my blogs you follow will allow you to jump onboard the blog train and collect 2 more brag book pages. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, just in case the pink everywhere didn’t give it away lol. Breast cancer is something very close to my heart as it’s what Mark’s mum died from, as well as a few family friends. I love my scrapbooking and I love DSDI so being able to join in with something fun at my favourite site and have the chance to raise awareness and funds for cancer seems perfect. We have a whole forum filled with challenges and chatter here, you can find the full rules here and the prizes here. But here’s the basic idea.

The Charity Scrapathon at DSDI runs from October 21 to 24. Anyone is free to join in and scrap along, but to be eligible for the prizes, you need to have purchased this beautiful charity collab kit - Courage. The more challenges you complete the better the prizes you will earn. If you complete all 12 of them your name will be entered in a draw to win either C.W Picket & Company or Jen C Designs entire store. There’s also other ways to earn special gifts with the Leaving Love and Spread The Word challenges.

When you purchase this kit, your $6 goes entirely to Breast Cancer research (after PayPal fees). It’s a win – win for everyone involved. You get a gorgeous new collab kit, We get to raise awareness about Breast Cancer, You get to help us raise money for more research, we get to inspire you with fun challenges, you get to scrap some beautiful pages and we all get to have a great time while we do it. There is no better way to spread the word about an event that by offering a special freebie, So we’re kicking off the Scrapathon with a Brag Book Blog Train. The train will start on the DSDI Blog and ends in the DSDI forums. Some of our team members live in other time zones, so be patient if all the contributions aren't posted yet - they will be. So do you want to see mine?

You can download that here and then carry on riding the train until you have collected all of the pages.

And here is the list of all the participating blogs:
Digi Scraps Drive-in
Nibbles Skribbles
C.W. Picket and Company
Kerry’s Scraps
Amy Scraps
Gail’s Moments In Time
Mad Genius Designs
The Cute Gets Cuter
Daphadilly Art
Lukasmummy YOU ARE HERE
Bonnie Blue Designs
A Damsel With A Dulcimer
Tricia's Treasures
Giggly Polkadots
Jen C Designs
Melly Scraps
Drive-By Freebie Forum

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