Monday, October 04, 2010

It’s been a long time

I could sit here and make a lot of excuses about why I haven’t blogged in so long but what exactly is the point, whatever reason I give doesn’t change the fact that I haven’t done it. I’ll be honest and say that part of the reason is just that it was so overwhelming, so much to type, no time to type it and everyday I added more things to the list of things that needed to be blogged and it just became more and more overwhelming. The other part of the reason is that I didn’t really know how to share some of the things. But this morning I came to a decision, I need this blog, I need somewhere to come and talk to myself and remember the things we have done. If for no other reason than to help me when it comes to journalling on my scrapbook pages. So I am going to start fresh from today, I will give you a quick update on the kids and on some of the changes in our lives, but I am going to leave all the details out, maybe when I have some time on my hands I will make a password protected post at my other blog and share some of the details. Like I said before since the last time I blogged, we have had a lot of huge changes in our lives, the biggest being that we no longer live with Nan. We have a three bedroom house all of our own. Not too far from Nan about 10 minutes by bus, it’s a private rental and the landlord is really nice. It’s definitely a work in progress and despite signing the tenancy agreement almost 2 months ago, it’s still not really a home since we don’t have our furniture here. Lukas is now 8 years and in year 4 at school.  He has the same teacher as last year but a new classroom. He’s becoming more independent in a lot of ways while also being incredibly frustrating in others. He’s becoming a bit more adventurous about trying new foods but still quite picky about what he will actually eat. He still loves playing with his Lego and his X-Box. Logan is our little ray of sunshine, he is now 14 months old and loves to be the centre of attention. He now has 7 teeth at the last count (I’m not sticking my finger in to check for more, he bites – HARD). He can walk unaided now and loves to toddle around the house, both forwards and backwards because he’s a little show-off! He still prefers to crawl when he’s tired or wants to get somewhere in a hurry. His favourite activity seems to be emptying out the content of the kitchen cupboards and drawers. He is incredibly wicked and cheeky and loves to hide things behind his back when you are trying to get them off him. He loves his pushchair but also loves to escape it and cause havoc. Me and Logan have to collect Lukas everyday from school now and he quite often gets out to play on the school play equipment, he climbs like a monkey. He still naps during the day and is really mean if he hasn’t had enough sleep. He’s demanding but also incredibly sweet and funny. He will eat almost anything put in front of him (or off anyone’s plate) as long as it is not smooth in texture. He loves dry cereal, meat especially sausages, chocolate and fruit but he absolutely hates mashed potatoes and yoghurts. Nothing has really changed much for Mark except not having to get Lukas from school anymore. As for me I am still busy with my CT work as a Paper Shaker for DSDI, and CT member for C.W Picket and Company and Mad Genius Designs, Jane is currently on hiatus so I don’t currently have anything to do for Red Genius Enterprises or Little Red Scraps. I now host 2 challenges at DSDI the Altered Art (this month’s is already up here) and the Get With It (Desktop) where I provided a free desktop template each month (current one here, new one starts on the 14th). Last month was DSDI’s 1st Birthday so we celebrated all month long with challenges and games, it was a lot of fun. That is about all I have time for today, Lukas is off school sick and it sounds like him and Logan might be fighting with each other, plus Mark has just come back from running some errands, so I am off to spend some time with him before he goes to work at 4pm.

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