Monday, October 11, 2010

Garden Campout

Garden Campout, originally uploaded by Lukasmummy.

Credits: Layered template (Everyday Templates, Template 1), Not The Doctor Alpha and Camp Out all by Laura White (C.W Picket & Company). Font is sf Twelve Again.
Journalling Reads: As a parent I am definately not afraid to venture into the world of the exciting or very unusual to amuse Lukas and keep him happy. But even I have to admit that this was my craziest idea to entertain him so far. We decided to go camping - in a tent in the back garden. I hate dirt, I hate bugs and I really hate sleeping on the floor. so This was about as close to “roughing it" as I was willing to go, we could go back inside to use the bathroom and even had electricity from the shed. We blew up an airbed and dragged our duvet down from the bedroom. Then we all spent a very hot and very uncomfortable night watching dvd's on the laptop and trying to sleep in the tent. Daddy retreated back indoors before the morning because it was so hot, but Lukas had an absolute blast, he talked about it for weeks afterwards and told everyone how much fun that he had. I hope when he's all grown up and has some children of his own, he will come up with some crazy ideas of his own!

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