Sunday, May 09, 2010

Me and Daniel

Me and Daniel, originally uploaded by Lukasmummy.

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Journalling reads: There aren’t many people, who would understand why these photographs are precious. They were taken on a really old mobile phone, and they are of me holding my little brother Daniel. These are the only photos I have of just the two of us together. I have a few others, first christmas ones I took and some of me with him and my sisters. I don’t have any other photos because I don’t see him or any of my family anymore. He’s a big boy now, he even goes to school, but I remember him when these photos were taken. I remember how we all thought he looked so much like Aidan. I remember how he wasn’t really very sure about me because he didn’t really know me. I remember this was the first and last time, he trusted me enough to let me hold him without screaming. This was also the only time that I didn’t bribe him to try and get him to let me hold him. But more than anything else, I remember that I almost deleted these photos right after I had taken them, because I thought that they were rubbish. Something stopped me and I am so glad it did. Sometimes you only get one shot to record a memory, and you have to be greatful for what you end up with. It doesn’t matter if the photos end up blurry or out of focus, it doesn’t matter if the colours are wrong or they are filled with noise, the quality of the photo has nothing to do with the quality of the memory that you are capturing. Sometimes it’s worth keeping that in mind. 16th September 2006

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