Thursday, May 27, 2010

Feeding The Lorikeets

Feeding The Lorikeets, originally uploaded by Lukasmummy.

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Journalling reads: we may have been slightly hesitant towards the birds on our first visit to lorikeet lagoon. but when we took conor to chessington for his first visit he was the complete opposite. he couldn’t wait to jump in and feed them a cup of nectar, he was more than happy to have them perched on his shoulder and arm and to feed them right out of his hands. lukas was curious and wanted to feed them to but he rapidly changed his mind once the bird came near him and couldn’t wait to hand the cup back to conor. logan was still fascinated watching them flap around but not really quites as sure when they got close to him. i still jumped every single time one flew near me. but the funniest part had to be one of the other birds, every time i got the camera focused and tried to take it’s photo, it jumped across onto the opposite fence. i eventually gave up trying and managed to get one a fairly good one from outside the door!

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