Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Does It Really Look Like I Am Enjoying Myself?

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Journalling reads: This is what a night out looks like to me. I spend ages looking for a perfect outfit to wear, and then on the day I change my mind and decide it looks wrong. I end up wearing something else (that I don’t really like either). I rush around trying to get the kids ready on time and realize that I haven’t put my makeup on 5 minutes before we walk out the door. Wherever I end up sitting, the table ends up littered with baby bottles, juice cups, snacks and baby wipes etc while the floor is piled high with changing bags and other bits and pieces. That pint glass in front of me was full of lemonade (at least when the photo was taken it was, it had vodka and lemonade in it later). Usually there is at least one pair of shoes under there too, since they never stay on my feet. At some point I end up having to grab a kid for a clothes change and try to wrestle them into something clean while they struggle and protest. They put a glass of wine in front of me that I palm off on someone else or into the nearest plant. Yet people still ask me why I hate going out anywhere!

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