Sunday, May 23, 2010

Look At That

Look At That, originally uploaded by Lukasmummy.

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Journalling reads:It’s not very often now that we get the chance, to sit down and just enjoy being together. We always seem to have places to be and things that need to be done. It wasn’t always like this, when you were younger we still had things to do and places to go, but we made the time for days out like this one. It used to be a lot easier to just pack up a picnic, grab a mat to sit on, buy a few loaves of bread, then head off to the park for the day, because I never used to be quite as ill as I am now. We would sit down by the river and feed the ducks, then once the bread was all gone we would just sit chatting and watching the world go by. On this day I had a great time taking some photographs, of you and Daddy chatting and having nice cuddles together. I was really pleased because it’s not often I get photos of you together andI managed to get some really cute, but still very natural ones. But it was only when I sat down to clear off the camera’s SD card, that I came across this one. It puzzled me, because I honestly couldn’t seem to recall taking it. I don’t know what it was that you were pointing out to Daddy. I don’t know what it was you found so interesting, that you just had to get Daddy to see it too. I wish I did. I could guess that since it was by the river, you may have been showing him a bird. You used to love the ducks and were always asking questions about the other birds we saw. I do remember that day we saw baby birds, so maybe you had spotted one of them, or perhaps a nest. You used to like clouds too, they were always one of the things you were quick to point out to us, especially when you thought they looked like something. You might have seen some people on the other side of the river, or maybe even spotted the big bridge in the distance. What you saw might even be why, we ended up going for that long walk after feeding the ducks, when we saw the trains. I will never know for sure but I do know one thing, you always saw all of the tiny little details, that nobody else would have paid any attention to. You used to make us sit down and take notice of them too. Thank you for taking the time to show us the world through your eyes Lukas. 8th July 2007.

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