Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Why is it when I have a lot of things to say

I end up saying nothing lol? I have so many different things to share and I just don't feel like doing anything. Partly because I have a really bad cold, I am super tired and I managed to twist my knee earlier and partly because I just can't seem to concentrate on anything for very long, that's not the babies fault I have been unfocused for a while or actually since I am almost 12 weeks pregnant maybe it is the babies fault lol. So rather than rambling on endlessly I am just going to wish you all a Happy New Year and I am going to retreat to my bed where it's nice and warm. The post about Christmas Day and the post about my birthday can wait, so can the CT work and the organising I am supposed to be working on. Today I just feel like snuggling up with my family putting a dvd on and being nice and warm under the blanket and duvet. You may have noticed that I have added a little pregnancy ticker to the sidebar, Takara Bean is the name we have decided on until we know the sex of the baby and he/she gets a "real" name. We looked it up online and Takara is supposed to be a name suitable for boys or girls and it means precious. That is pretty accurate since right now it's a very precious little bean, maybe in a few weeks he/she will become Takara Bump lol it would be nice to say the bumps I have are down to baby but alas they are all my own lol. It's bizarre thinking that when I blog again (unless the highly unlikely possibility of my scrapping happens lol) it will be 2009 when I blog again, this year has definately been a mixed bag and flown by way too fast, it's scary to think in 2 months it will be the 1st anniversary of Mark's mum dying. Hopefully next year we will appreciate how precious time can be.

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