Saturday, December 13, 2008

School Christmas Fete

As you can guess from the title today was Lukas's school Christmas Fete. Since Lisa had to go to Gary's work party I ended up taking Ella with us as well. Apart from telling them to please slow down they were really well behaved. The first thing they did when they got there was go and see the farm animals, this year they had a donkey, a pony, a sheep, a lamb, 3 dogs and a pair of turkeys. Lukas and Ella wanted nothing whatsoever to do with the turkeys they were both a little freaked by them. They also didn't want to touch any of the animals strange that was Lukas's favourite part last year. Then we bought some reindeer food at 20p a bag, I usually make this with Lukas on Christmas Eve. Everyone's mixture is slightly different mine usually includes a spoonful of readybrek powder, a teaspoon of sugar, some form of cereal depends what we have that no-one likes and glitter. We put it outside and I usually knock a little bit over on the floor after he has gone to bed and tell him the reindeer did it lol. Next we wondered into the hall and they had a lot of fun playing all of the games which all cost 20p a go. Guess where Santa left the sleigh, the teachers took there names and classes and they had to stick a little sticker on a board painted with a north pole scene where they thought the sleigh had been left. I think they will find out next week who was the closest and win a little piggy bank. Then they had a turn at Snowball in one, they had a little cardboard mini golf hole and they had to hit the snowball (golfball) into the hole. Lukas was surprisingly better at it than Ella. I guess he has to take his little victories where he can get them since she was better at almost every one of the other games. Next up was a game called shooting stars, they were given 3 stars and the aim was to throw them against the painted sky backdrop and make them land into the basket. Lukas didn't manage to get any in but he still got offered some sweets because it was run by the teacher he had last year lol. Ella managed to get all 3 stars into the basket and she got to choose between a box of smarties or a box of raisins, she went for the raisins. Then they played a knockout game that I can't remember the name of. They each got 4 throws of little cotton wool covered soft tennis balls, the idea was to knock down the 4 figures standing on the table 2 elves, a santa and a snowman I think. Lukas got 2 down and I think Ella did too. They both won little noisy prizes for that (Lukas had a little plastic thing that clicks like this but smaller and Ella had a little plastic thing like this but the things on either side were hand shaped) The next one they played was where they had to pop a balloon with a toothpick I tried to stay as far as way as possible from that one since popped balloons set of my allergy worse than anything else, guess it's the raw latex along the edges or something. They both managed to pop the ballons and Lukas choose a little soldier with a parachute as his prize and Ella went for a tacky plastic bracelet. Then they played another knock over game only difference was this one has scrunched up paper balls, the targets were rectangle cereal boxes cut in half and painted red with a little design on front and they only had to knock over one for a prize. The next game was a board covered with silver star stickers and you had to guess how many stars there were, names and classes were written down and the prize is a reindeer biscuit tin and a chocolate santa. Lukas guessed 112 stars and Ella guessed 121. That was run by our next door neighbour who is an LSA at the school. Then Ella played a game of Snowman bowling that Lukas showed no interest in. Next up was seeing Santa something they were both quite excited about. Santa had moved from where he was last year and this year had a little area decorated with white sheets, some fairy lights and a tree, he also got a little helper. It cost £1.50 this year I think it was either 50p or £1 last year. They were nice enough to let us take some pictures and even waited while Lukas was super slow. Both of them got presents and I told them they had to wait until they got home to open them. Then they went to do the one thing they had both been really looking forward to. It was a room where no adults were allowed they were supposed to go in choose a present for mummy or daddy and then pay £1 to buy it and have it wrapped up. Only problem was they had sold out of presents they were both quite sad because Nan had given them money to buy presents with. Then we let them play a game called Find Rudolph's Nose, a red ball was placed into a box filled with shredded paper, they had to put their hand in the box and find the red ball, there was a blue and yellow one in there as well. Both of them won, even though Lukas cheated slightly. As the lady running it tried to move the paper to rehide the ball after Ella's turn, he spied the ball and picked it up so never actually had to find anything lol. We told them we would take them to look at the book fair and then to the cafe for a drink since we were trying to cheer them up about the presents all being sold. They both cheered up quite a bit once they were able to find a package of books for the same amount of money as Nan had given them to buy presents with. They got a Cat In The Hat writing book, a Clifford the Big Red Dog story book and another hardback story book that I can't remember the name of and can't look for now because it's 4:30am lol. In The cafe Lukas wanted water and Ella wanted Elderflower. We found a table and I said they could open their presents from Santa and from winning Find Rudolph's Nose. Ella got a bright pink duck wash mitt from Santa and Lukas got a wooden kaleidoscope. They both got crayons from winning the game. We were going to head home but decided to take them back for one last game. They had managed to find some more things to use as presents (borrowed from the African stall which seems to make an appearance at every school event I think I wrote about it before but it's not really important). Off they went into the little room and came back out holding two little cloth bags. When I asked Ella if her's was for mummy or daddy she replied neither she was keeping it lol. Lukas said his present was for me. Then they did a decorate the cookie activity where they were given a biscuit to decorate with icing and sprinkles. Lukas decided to eat his before I could take a photo. Ella wanted nothing to do with eating them so he happily polished off hers as well lol. I told them they could play one more game and then it was time to go home. They both took turns at Pin The Star Over Bethlehem run by Lukas's current teacher. They had to wear a blindfold and were spun around then they had to pin the star over the picture of bethlehem on the board. I had to laugh at Lukas's teacher since she couldn't bear to see any of the kids lose she was guiding them all to the right place so they would win a prize. Lukas choose a green rubber and Ella didn't want one. Lukas then decided that he did want to play the snowman bowling after all so he had a super quick go on that and then we were done. They were both happy with everything they had done and all of their presents. The strangest thing about the whole night though had to be that both Lukas and Ella refused any sweetie prizes they won playing the games. The more times they were offered the more they refused. We got some pictures but I don't have the card reader plugged in right now so I will have to share them with you tomorrow. It was a nice way to spend the evening though. Right I really need to be getting on with some of the many things I am supposed to be working on. I will back later with today's one minute wonder prompt and hopefully will find time to share some layouts from one of the projects I am working on with you.

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