Tuesday, December 16, 2008

School Play and Treat Bags

This morning was Lukas's school play. I can't remember if I have mentioned this or not before but there aren't many schools that do a traditional nativity play here any more. This year they were doing Whoopsy Daisy Angel, the story of a little angel called Whoopsy Daisy Angel who is always messing things up and generally not as clever or pretty as the other angels. She gets chosen to do the special job of telling everyone about the birth of a special baby (Jesus although it wasn't actually mentioned in the play) lots of singing. You can read about it on this site. I have to admit me and Lukas have spent so much time listening to the Whoops A Daisy Angel song I know nearly all of the words off by heart. This morning when we woke up I was feeling really ill. I don't know if I have picked up the same thing Mark had last week or if this is just feeling crappy after going out yesterday (picked Lukas up from school and we popped around to see Mark's brother in the evening and drop of some little gifts for Josh from our holiday). we had a really hard time getting up and getting ready and that mean't that not only was Lukas late for school we got crappy seats for watching the play. Mark videoed it but since I haven't seen the video yet I don't know how good it came out we couldn't even see Lukas. It was very cute, lots of singing. I managed to grab Lukas afterwards for a quick cuddle before he went back to class. All of the children that were singing were wearing little cardboard angels on string around their neck all of the other children had gold glitter on them, Lukas's had red glitter. I had to remind him to make sure he bought it home with him (I have to have something to scrapbook since I have no photos lol). When he got home he managed to rip it so I had to give her a little reconstruction with my stapler lol. I spent the whole evening making up treat bags for Lukas for school. It's amazing how long they took to assemble, everything had been printed, cut and prescored by Mark yet I still spent a good few hours putting the stuff into them, sealing them and stapling on the toppers. I don't have a picture right now but I have a couple more to make up tomorrow so I will take one then. I have so much that needs to get done before Christmas and I really don't know how it is all going to be done in time. Today's prompt is up but right now I am heading to bed, my chest hurts, it's hard to breathe and I am just really fed up. I will add the prompt now and come back and answer it tomorrow i'm sure I will have a few minutes while I am waiting for the computer to do some things. So here is today's prompt for you. See you tomorrow.
Write about the one or two most influential people in your life thus far.

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