Sunday, December 14, 2008

See I said I would be back

a bit later than I intended and I don't have time to share the layouts right now but while I am waiting for stuff to finish this is better than nothing lol. So yesterday's prompt was this one
If you had a "do over" button, what one event in your life would you like to have a second chance at doing better?
Without a doubt it would have to be when I became a mum for the first time. There is so much I wish I could have done with Lukas. I wish I could have enjoyed the pregnancy instead of hating every second of it. But if I had to choose one specific moment it would be when they asked if I would like to hold him before he went to S.C.B.U and I said no. I will never forgive myself for saying that but with everything that happened I suppose I was in shock.

and today's is this one
In what way are you a little (or more than a little) crazy?
Haha there are a lot of ways but the one Mark is always telling me drives him a little crazy is my scrapbooking supplies. There are certain designers who I feel compelled to own their whole store. When I start organising stuff I have to empty either and entire stores folder or an entire coloumn of folders in one place I can't ever just do a few at a time. Yes I realise both are insane but that's just the way I am I also have to rename my files a certain way kit name then designer.

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