Sunday, June 13, 2010

This blogging thing

is becoming more of a once a week thing all the time. I suppose the one disadvantage there is to Project 365 is that I no longer feel the need to blog every tiny detail. I feel like they are on my P365 pages and that’s enough. Obviously that comes back top bite me sometimes, like when I get behind on my project 365 pages and find I can’t actually remember what we did that week to journal about it. Luckily for me I am not really too far behind, I have 2 layouts to do to finish off May and I think it’s 3 layouts or possibly 4, haven’t looked at the number of spaces on the templates yet to get up to date. Hopefully I will get that done today. Conor’s friend Luke stayed over last night and since they are still asleep I am using this time to get caught up on everything computer wise, when they are up we have to make a start on clearing Lukas’s room. Is it bad that I am hoping they will be typical teenagers and stay in bed for another few hours lol. Sundays are fast becoming my enabling day for my CT’s since it’s Mark’s day off work I have started making him have Logan on Sunday’s so I can get caught up. It’s kind of nice to still be here incase I am needed but to be able to get things done at the same time. I’m tired today. Yesterday while Lukas and Mark watched the England game, Me, Nan and Logan went shopping in Tesco. Quite a few hours, 2 trolleys and £177 and change and 2 taxis later the fridge is now full to bursting point, so are the cupboards and there isn’t a great deal of room in the freezer either. Ironically I still open the fridge and can’t see anything I fancy for breakfast lol. So I had a couple of chocolate biscuits because I was in need of some sugar and called it good. The kids are both awake and dressed and they are currently in the bed with Mark playing the X-Box 360. Lukas got up really early for him, and as normal couldn’t resist waking Logan up. Logan did go back to sleep after he got dressed but Lukas woke him up again. He’s not exactly thrilled to be awake so early in the day. Bless him he just wanted to be able to sleep in peace. He’s just crawled over for a quick cuddle and a bottle and is now sitting on the bed shouting at me and then grinning when I turn around and look at him lol. Anyway I have things to do and nothing else to say so I will be back later with some enabling for you. If I get chance I will add the enabling to the other layout posts too. 

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