Monday, June 07, 2010

Eating the frog

before you start thinking I am on some illegal narcotic I will try and explain. I subscribe to a lot of newsletters and one of my favourite non scrapbooking related ones is from this lady – Marcia Francois. This post will explain it much better than I can My “frog” is blogging although it’s not a difficult task for most people it’s one of the things I don’t look forward to doing, because I think it’s hard to sit and write a blog post when you have kids wanting your attention all the time. When I sit down to right a blog post I have a train of thought (ok usually a pretty vague one but still). You all know that I struggle to remember things, I often walk downstairs or into another room and have a complete blank about why I did it. Well when I am constantly getting interrupted I get lost. I forget what I wanted/needed to write and then by the time I sit there and think of it or try and write something else, the task I thought would take maybe 15 minutes has taken an hour. So blogging is frustrating. Now if I was sensible I would write my blog once the kids have gone to sleep. But while it sounds good in theory it doesn’t really work in practice. After the kids have gone to sleep and I am wide awake I scrap, but I don’t journal. It’s a common misconception that I am not tired at night. I am always tired, but for some reason I just can’t sleep at night. I sleep much better during the day. At night when I am tired, I struggle to concentrate on anything. I make a lot more mistakes that I need to go back and fix which is more time wasted. Usually when I get up I start a layout or I work on one that’s still open from yesterday, I check email and go from one thing to the next never really getting anything achieved. So today I decided to approach my day a little differently, I got up and checked my email to see if there was anything important. I quickly checked one of the forums I like for new posts. Then I caught up on a few things that probably should have been finished before I went to bed this morning. Then I put Logan in his travel cot, Lukas is playing the X-Box and here I am about to start eating my frog and actually blog. I wonder if I can concentrate for long enough to get it done while both kids are distracted?

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