Monday, June 07, 2010

Announcements, Enabling and Freebies

In one post, maybe you should gio and get yourself a drink, I have a feeling this is going to be a long post. Got one? good, now where shall I start. If you glance over to the right (obviously not if you are reading this in a reader lol) you will notice I have been moving a few things about again. The CT section has gotten a little larger lol. I know it looks like I am now on 4 CT's but you wouldn't be entirely correct in that assumption. I CT for Jane and I CT for Jewel but they run the team combined. I get to work with their individual products as well as there joint ones designed for Red Genius Enterprises. It's a fabulous team and I kind of felt like it was more than enough. It was enough work to keep me busy without being overwhelming. Then I got the opportunity to be a part of the site creative team for DSDI and it was something I just couldn't refuse. I will be honest with you I have never really had a digi site to call "home". I am registered in more places than I can even keep track of but there are only a few where I have truly felt like I am welcome and part of the community. I never used to mind just reading the threads in places and trying to participate until I saw how much better it could be. When you find a site where the challenges are fun, and the staff and other members are welcoming and helpful it feels different. You feel like the people are a lot more than just screen names who scrap pretty pages. Some of the digi sites around are very elite, they make you feel a bit like you are intruding on a private conversation. Some of them are very condeming spending all of their time deciding what counts as "real scrapping" or "real comments in the gallery". Some of the sites are just too big to feel anything but overwhelmed at, the galleries move too fast and there are always new products it's a struggle to catch up with everything going on. DSDI is nice because it's growing but there's a really great community spirit. Everyone is willing to offer praise and help when it's needed. I want to see the site succeed because I believe that it's a great site to call a digi home. There are some amazingly talented designers and scrappers over there too. The challenges are fun and there's a really wide variety. So if I can help out the site by doing all of the things I was doing anyway like leaving love in the gallery, taking part in the challenges and scrapping with their products, but also get to work with an even bigger variety of quality designs for free, I would be an idiot to say no thank you. CT work is only really work if you don't enjoy doing it, if you were doing everything already nothing changes except you have a little more money to spend on other things :) Which brings me nicely to the next part of my blog post. I am going to insert a little disclaimer in here, even though I am a member of the DSDI site CT, the kit I am going to show you wasn't given to me by the site. I had already signed up for the It's A Fad challenge and bought the kit for the bargain price of just $3. So this review of the kit is just my own personal unbiased opinion of the kit. Now that I have that out of the way let's get to it. This month's Flavor Of The Month kit is huge wedding themed mega kit called June Wedding. You know that I will always be honest when it comes to showing you things, I mean I wouldn't really waste the time uploading the preview, linking it up and writing a blog post if I didn't like the product would I. When I saw this kit I had no interest at all in using it for wedding photos. I don't really like scrapping my wedding photos, the pages never quite seem good enough and to be fair the journalling that goes with them is always kind of depressing. I wanted this kit purely for two things, the glitters and the cardstocks lol. I am always looking for really good solid papers, not too textured but still interesting to journal on. Glitter is a bit of a weakness for me, I have a lot of different glitter styles, I have artrage I could probably make my own but I don't want to go to all that effort when lovely designers have already done all the work for me. Jewel makes awesome glitter but what I can never seem to find is a really decent black glitter. I kind of feel a little bit in lust with the black glitter in this kit and the red one lol. To me $3 was a bargain for just those things. Then I cam across a picture of Lukas at David's wedding. He looked so handsome in his little shirt and waistcoat I decided to scrap it. Then I did another one and another one. The more I used the kit the more versatile it became, I could recolour this paper or blend this paper with that one. I decided to make a little album about David's wedding. They will have been married 5 years in August. So far I have scrapped 6 layouts with it, in 2 days. Each of them is different and unique and I am still full of ideas to use it for. Nobody said it had to be used for wedding pages, the bubbles in it are going on a bath page as soon as I can find the photos I seem to have misplaced. But anyway I am going to stop rambling now and show you the preview for it, I am also going to show you the coordinating set of quickpages that were created by the CT using it because they really show off it's versatility. I'll even link up the challenge so you can get it for $3.

June Wedding
June Wedding QPs
You can find this month's It's A Fad challenge right here, just post in the thread you want to take part and then you will receive a private message containing a coupon for 50% off the total price. Since I rambled on a little bit more than I was intending and Logan is now climbing all over me I am going to start a new post to share the freebie with you, just as soon as I have fed Lukas.

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