Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Logan didn’t get his injections

The doctor from the Vaccine Study came today, she had called me and asked if she could come earlier than originally planned I said fine. I rushed around and managed to get everything sorted before she arrived. After explaining all of the details about the study she asked if she could examine Logan while I signed the consent form. While she was examining him she came across a problem, she found that he has a heart murmur she called and spoke to someone more senior and they said she needs to speak to someone else. I need to go and get Logan checked by the GP and she will get back to me about whether this excludes Logan from participating or not. We already had an appointment made for Monday so we will just have to see what they say then. It could be nothing but that doesn’t stop me being scared and a tiny part of me wishing it was already Monday. Lukas has been home today he’s building Lego and Mark has gone to get takeaway for dinner, KFC for us and Macdonalds for Lukas and Logan is asleep on my lap. I am still sick and haven’t gotten much done today except for unpacking my order from Boots, more milk, nappies and wipes for Logan. Nan asked me why I was stockpiling it I didn’t have the heart to tell her that he will have drunk everything I ordered in about 3 weeks maybe sooner, told you he was a little piglet. Anyway Logan has just woken up so I better run.

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