Thursday, September 24, 2009

It’s been a busy day today

Me and Logan went to baby clinic so he could be weighed and then we took Nan to her hospital appointment. We did some shopping while we were there and bought Logan two new outfits. I wasn’t exactly thrilled when I went to pay for everything on my card and it was declined, no doubt that will be tonight’s argument between me and Mark. I had enough cash on me to pay for everything but it’s not the point, I am really getting fed up how much money he withdraws from my bank account without telling me. I don’t object to him withdrawing money it’s the not telling me part that drives me insane. Then when we got home I tried to stay busy. I was alright while we were out because it was just like Lukas being at school, I found the timer function on my phone and have been setting it for 15 minutes at a time and working on a few things. The first 15 minutes I worked on the rubbish and clutter on and around my desk, it’s the biggest hot spot in our room since everyone dumps everything on it no matter how many times I shout at them about it. I am always quite surprised by how much junk I take off it every time I clean it up. Then I spent 15 minutes doing computer stuff, deleting duplicate files and old scrapbooking stuff. I am trying to reorganise all the files but I need to make enough space first so I am working on purging a lot of the junk from my scrapbooking stash. Next I worked on the pile of clothes, folding them and sorting them into piles. The next task I attempted was putting things back into their proper places including the clothes. I was quite pleased because I managed to get all Lukas’s clothes put back in their drawers and even some of ours put away, but I really need to take everything out and restack all of them so more clothes can be put away. I have a pile of stuff for charity and a pile of stuff that I need to find hangers for but it does look better already in here. Then I had another 15 minutes of computer organising and managed a brief online chat with Amy before Logan woke up. He got fed and changed and we cuddled for a while, then I spent some time with Nan before we came upstairs. Logan was a bit miserable so I was giving him some gripe water when he decided to lunge forward on the syringe, which made me squirt it into the back of his throat, he gagged on it and promptly threw up lol. He wasn’t very happy that I had to put him down so I could clean it all up, luckily it’s only milk since I can’t do sick it makes me gag lol. After everything was cleaned up I got Logan undressed for bed and we had some more cuddles and he fell asleep in my arms before I put him in his swing. I think he has spent more time in the swing today than he has any other day since we bought it. He had his nap in it earlier (over an hour) and he sat in it for a while and now he’s sleeping in it as far as I am concerned that’s major progress lol. Speaking of progress he’s getting on great he was 8lb 12.5oz when they weighed him today and he’s all set for when they come to do his first vaccinations on Wednesday. Today was also the first time that he has cried it out, he was moaning to be picked up and I was in the middle of something so I left him to cry for a while. He got bored of crying and went back to sleep. Leaving him to cry it out is not really my style, but it might come in handy if he ever has another meltdown like he did on the bus, when we went to his hospital appointment. I have only seen Mark for a few minutes today since he went out to do washing and got back just as I was leaving. He will be home from work in a little while, tomorrow I am hoping he will be in all day, so we can get a few things done before Lukas comes home. I have really missed having the little guy around the whole house just seems so quiet without him and I don’t like it one little bit. I do hope he’s had a nice time though, missing him is a good thing really since it makes me appreciate how much I love having him in my life. Anyway I suppose I should get back to some more organising before Logan wakes up, but I will leave you with a picture of Lukas just before he left for school yesterday with all of his gear. Just excuse the red eyes since it is straight out of the camera, I haven’t got around to fixing it yet. You can click on it for a bigger view since I posted it in Windows Live Writer instead of how I do layouts.


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