Saturday, September 19, 2009

Crossing off something is better than crossing off nothing

My to-do list is starting to look more like a novel than a manageable list of things to accomplish, and it’s easy to look at it feel overwhelmed and then do none of it, once you add into the equation that I am very sick at the moment it becomes easier and easier to see why nothing ever seems to get done. Mark has gone to do some shopping and the boys are amusing themselves (Lukas is playing Lego and Logan is asleep) so I decided to remove blogging from my list. The problem with blogging though is it becomes a to-do list in it’s own right. I tell myself that I have to blog about this or that and it needs to be in some logical order and then I get behind and I feel like I can never catch up. Then as I get more and more things on my list that are waiting to be blogged about nothing ends up actually being blogged. A while back I started a twitter account thinking that making short notes via that might help me when it came to making real blog posts but unfortunately I don’t seem to bother with that either. But I am going to start trying to change that. Yesterday I signed up for the FLYlady system again my logic is slightly insane though, she says that you should spend no more than 15 minutes doing things. I have always struggled with that because time kind of gets away from me. I thought that being this sick would mean I wouldn’t be physically able to spend more than 15 minutes doing something without a break and I would have to follow the rules. Hopefully by the time I am feeling better it will be on it’s way to becoming a habit. I also thought that it might be a smart idea to not only read her advice myself but to make Mark read it too. He doesn’t have a great attention span so spending no longer than 15 minutes on something might actually motivate him to start something in the first place lol. Anyway I better run I have some things I want to get done before Mark gets home, like spending 15 minutes organising some digital files and deleting some of the digital clutter on my hard drives.

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