Friday, October 09, 2009

Big project and quick catchup

Incase you are wondering where I have been, I am working on a huge project, I had a lot of free photo prints, so I decided to work on a brag book for Lukas about our 5 trips to Legoland this year. I started with finding all of my 5x7 templates. Then I moved onto choosing photos for each of them and writing all of the journaling to go with the photos. I saved all of the layouts in a folder called Brag Book and then started working my way through them adding the papers and embellishments. The goal is to have 100 pages in the end so I use up all of my free prints. I have 80 pages that are photos/journaling in templates and so far I have 20 I think that are completed fully. I have even roped Mark into helping me to get the pages done. Some of them only call for a paper or two, but some of them need a little more thought. As you can imagine it’s taking a lot of time, mostly because I need to search for everything I want to use. It’s times like this I really miss the organised system I had before the hard drive went wrong. I was nowhere near having everything tagged or relabelled but it was a lot better than the chaos I have now. I have been trying to apply the FLYlady principle to the scrapping too, 15 minutes at a time. I plan other pages while I am searching or step away from the desk and work on some tidying up in the bedroom. For the most part I am enjoying it, sometimes 15 minutes isn’t really long enough so I reset the timer and give myself another 15 minutes. I know it’s not really following the rules, but at least I am starting to get a better grasp of the time things take and a tiny baby step in starting to manage my time rather than wasting hours on end. It’s been really helpful for forums and blog reader as well, those are the main things I seem to waste a lot of time on. Me and Logan had our appointments on Monday (my post-natal and his 6-8 weeks check). The doctor we saw was really nice, he examined Logan thoroughly and said he couldn’t hear a heart murmur. We are just going to carry on watching him closely to make sure there isn’t a problem but he was very happy with him. I came home with a depression questionnaire to fill out and I have to make a double appointment and go back. Tuesday the lady from Peeps came to drop off some books for Logan and leave some information about groups in the local area. I don’t think I will end up going to the groups but it’s nice that she came around. Logan has great timing, just as she showed up at the door he threw up all over my bed. Somehow I managed to get the bed cleaned up and the baby changed in just a few minutes. Anyway I have more to say but Logan has just woken up and I have a lot of stuff to get done, before I finally get some sleep. I was awake all night last night with really bad earache. It’s been there for over a week now and keeps getting worse, on top of everything else it’s really starting to take it’s toll. Lukas has been off school ill all week and Logan seems to have a little cold, he’s got a runny nose but apart from that he’s fine. I never had him weighed this week but hopefully we will be able to go and do that on Tuesday. Really have to run now as Logan has decided he wants my immediate attention right this second and is starting to moan. I want to sort him out before it turns into a full blown screaming session. He doesn’t really do patience lol.

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