Monday, June 29, 2009

A Mixed Weekend

Saturday was a bit of a mixed day, Mark was at work all day and I was feeling ill and fed up that we were missing the Fete at the hospital. Nan got the tent out for Lukas to play in garden and he had a great time sitting in there with the building bricks until it started to look like it was going to rain. He was lucky that he came in when he did because not only did it rain, it ended up being a huge storm complete with thunder and I think lightning too. I tried really hard for there not to be an atmosphere when Mark came home from work, but I couldn’t help being disappointed that we weren’t on our way to the hotel for the night. Long story short, the tension eventually turned into a huge row and both of us ended up in tears, but he finally seemed to grasp what I have been trying to explain to him for so long. He decided to go out on his bike for a while to clear his head, and since the rain had stopped I just let him go. He came back with a gift for me lol. He had suddenly decided that while he was out he was hungry, so he cycled down to the kebab shop and bought a donor kebab for him and a chicken kebab for me lol. He is well aware that I hate sauces of almost any description and he remembered I don’t like tomatoes so I was quite impressed. I have never had a kebab before let alone a chicken one so it was definitely an unusual thing for us to do at almost 2am in the morning lol. It ended up being really nice the only thing he forgot was that I don’t eat raw onion, I picked it all out and dumped it on his lol. Strangely the place he went uses Naan bread instead of pittas unless you make a special request and he doesn’t usually touch them but we both really enjoyed it. On Sunday morning when I woke up I was feeling really ill, nothing to do with the food though. I asked Mark if he would consider taking Lukas to Jamboray without me as I was feeling so rough. After he did a quick trip to Tesco the pair of them set off with the laptop to play at Jamboray. I had a lay down and eventually started to feel a little bit better, until I tried to tidy up and came over feeling worse than I had before. I ended up spending the day doing bits and pieces on the computer until Mark and Lukas got back. Luckily by the time they got back I was feeling a lot better, and happier than I have done in a while. I don’t know whether it was getting a break from Lukas, Mark and Nan (since I stayed up here on my own the whole time) or whether it was something else but it was nice to feel a bit better for a while. We decided to get takeaway for dinner because  no-one could be bothered to cook. After debating for a while we decided on egg fried rice, soft fried noodles, chicken balls and an omelette from the Chinese. It was really nice and Mark bought extra that I might warm up in a little while. Yesterday evening ended up being really nice, we all had baths and then I scrapped, Lukas played the playstation and Mark watched sport and played the laptop. When Lukas went to bed we chatted for a while and it was just a really nice atmosphere that hasn’t been here for a while. Mark watched some Rugby while I finished off a layout before we both settled down to watch the WWE pay per view The Bash. It ended up being a really good one, what we saw anyway lol. Mark fell asleep about half way through and I fell asleep before the end of the last match.  It was really hot in here last night so sleeping wasn’t exactly easy. I better go for now, I will be back a bit later once Lukas is asleep to tell you about my hospital appointment today. Right now he is playing with some megablocks and watching Basil The Great Mouse Detective on dvd. I gave him a bath and put his new Ben 10 pyjamas on him when he got in from school.

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