Monday, June 22, 2009

It’s going to be a long week

I can’t remember if I mentioned it before, but we have been waiting on the builders to come in and repair the bathroom. Remember a while back when the toilet leaked and flooded the downstairs toilet, well the leaking toilet turned out to be not a leaking toilet at all, it was a cracked pipe under the bath. Long story short they took a long time to fix it and as a result the floor got damaged, for the last few months there has been a really nasty damp smell in the bathroom and the bath and sink have sunk. Now the whole bathroom needs to be ripped out, the floor needs to be replaced and they need to fit a new bath, sink and toilet. It’s going to mean that we basically have no bathroom for about a week minimum. Tomorrow they are coming to finally make a start on it. To say I am not exactly thrilled would be an understatement. Nan arranged everything with when they were coming yet she’s going to be out tomorrow. So I have to be up and dressed in the morning to let the builders in. I will have to listen to her whinging and moaning about the mess (trust me I know because it’s already been going on for weeks and they haven’t even started!). If I hear her saying one more time “I don’t know how I am going to cope with it all” I might just smack her. She has a toilet downstairs that we can’t actually use because she fitted a stupid plastic toilet seat, and she doesn’t use the bath at all because she can’t get down into it. Apart from the general mess of builders being in the house it won’t affect her at all. I hate people being in the house especially when I feel like this, so a house full of dust and noise when I am already not sleeping so great should make for lots of fun. I also have a meeting tomorrow at Lukas’s school because of his attendance. Right now I am running on a fairly short fuse, it’s not exactly the best time for anyone to try and tell me what they think I should be doing with my son. I can almost guarantee they will say something to piss me off and I will lose my temper with them and get myself in trouble. I just wish they could get it into their heads, because it’s really simple. If my kid is sick, he doesn’t go to school. Maybe of more parents kept their kids home when they were sick mine wouldn’t come home with so many different things and would be at school more! I certainly wasn’t going to send him to school with chicken pox, anymore than I was going to send him to school when he was screaming with earache, throwing up, running a fever or after he’s been up all night coughing continually. He wouldn’t learn anything anyway and would make not only his teachers life but every other kid in the classes life an absolute misery. He’s not exactly a good patient, he whines and complains a lot like his daddy, and when he’s ill he spends almost all of his time hanging off of me. It makes absolutely no difference to me if the school sends me letters, calls me, threatens to involve the social worker or even if they were to go as far as fining me for not sending him to school, if he’s well enough for school he is at school, if he’s not he’s home with me. What really gets me though is that I don’t ever book time off for holidays, it’s not like he’s off having fun when he should be learning. He has time off for 4 reasons, illness, anniversaries (Leo’s, Gaiebraille’s and Ambrose’s it’s not exactly his fault that we have 3 angel babies is it), my hospital appointments (because there’s no-one to pick him up from school) and family emergencies like people dying or being rushed to hospital. Does anyone of those really sound like a fun day off school to you? Anyway I have really rambled enough for today I am sorry that I haven’t bothered to share any layouts for a while, I just can’t seem to get motivated to do it, but you are always welcome to go and look at them all here I organise them by month. Lukas has just gone to sleep so I am kind of hoping that I can join him.

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