Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It got worse!

The builders arrived back about 10 minutes after I finished the last post and then sat in their van for about 30 minutes. I got Mark to ring the school and cancel the appointment for today because I just felt too ill to do anything. After we had something to eat I decided to try and lay down for a while, noise doesn’t really keep me awake I can sleep through pretty much anything, but I thought even if I couldn’t sleep just resting for a while might help. Mark then decided he was going to Tesco. While he was gone I had to get up 3 times to answer the house phone and once to answer my mobile phone to my stupid husband. Somehow despite the noise and whatever mistake the builders made that caused them to both to swear I did manage to fall asleep. When I woke up I found that while I had been asleep my new laptop adapter had arrived and Mark had done absolutely nothing he had been asked to do, what a surprise. He was warned before he went to school, not to talk to Lukas’s teacher since he can’t be trusted to keep his mouth shut about anything. Yet even though he was warned and he hadn’t bothered to tell work about the meeting we were supposed to have because he’s an idiot, he didn’t get back here with Lukas until nearly 3:45. I could barely believe it myself when he walked in and said he had been talking to Lukas’s teacher, even I didn’t credit him to be that stupid. Then he went to work leaving me fuming. At 4:10 the builders announced they were done for the day, and oh by the way we are leaving all of the rubbish in the front garden which set Nan off. After they went we got to see that even though it’s a new firm who have the building contract they are just as incompetent as the old ones. They have replaced the floor in the bathroom, except for under the bath where the problem was in the first place. They have started fitting the bath but they haven’t sealed the wooden floor they have put down. They obviously have no intention of redecorating the bathroom and I have no clue about what they are doing with the floor, we had tiles on the floor over the wood. The wall is cracked badly and I am not entirely sure whether that was there from before or if they cracked it when they took all of the tiles off, but I very much doubt they will fix that before they retile. They have bought the toilet in the house but it’s still packaged up. There is no sink in the bathroom at all so we have no water upstairs at all and they have left the window in the bathroom wide open, we never even open that because Nan is always paranoid that someone could climb in through it. So you can imagine my life is a lot of fun right now, Nan is whining endlessly about everything and I am almost ready to pour myself a very large vodka and coke because I can’t stand the headache anymore, which she is obviously not helping. I am resisting because I don’t believe in drinking while pregnant. Just for added fun the hot water tap in the kitchen doesn’t seem to be running water right at the moment, it was fine until they turned the water off earlier though. Conor was here when I went downstairs, he decided to act like an idiot on the trampoline which I have told him a million times not to do and managed to fall and smack his head. I told her a while ago that the covering had weather damage and the bar was partially exposed, I also added “don’t let Conor mess around on it”. Now Nan is saying that we have to get rid of the trampoline altogether, which I am not exactly happy about because Lukas loves it and he’s perfectly safe on it because he follows the rules. While Conor was here he also managed to break a garden toy of Lukas’s by doing something with it he shouldn’t have been doing and as usual I am the one in the wrong for pointing out that if he wasn’t doing it then it wouldn’t have gotten broken. I should be happy that Lisa had just come and got Conor, but I'm not exactly thrilled because she’s now left Ella here. That means I get to spend the evening with Lukas whinging, complaining and being annoying like he always is after he plays with her. I really don’t know how much more I can take at the moment, I feel so stressed out and overwhelmed by everything. I just wish I could get some sleep or just have a break even for a little while. Usually I have a bath to feel better and I am sad I can’t even do that!

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